Seen Around

20 February , 2013


Baby pray mantis on one of our sunflowers…


This is a mouse…


Flowers picked for me by Nicola… Smile


Saw this in a shop…:lol:


A new batch of leaves on one of my dad’s cycads…pretty right?



  1. I am petrified of praying mantises….the one animal that can send me behind closed doors…strange hey, cause I am not afraid of spider or snakes

  2. My business partner has the same mouse!
    Love the praying mantis – one of my favorite insects. And Melinda, I am petrified of snakes.

  3. Melinda, that’s one that I’m not afraid of at all! I’ll come sort out your mantises if you take on my spiders – deal? 😉

    cat, that one belongs to someone here in IT. I like the praying mantis too! Yonks ago someone told me they were lucky, not to sure if I believe that but I do like having them around. My cousin once kept one as a pet right after she moved out on her own for the first time – it used to watch TV with her and drank coffee from her cup and everything. His name was Goggatjie, but she accidentally stepped on him one day when she wasn’t looking where she was going. Not the best pet choice in terms of robustness really…

  4. Ha ha ha! Praying mantis as a pet, I would never think of it. You know my pet hate. 😦 I don’t even like typing the name

    Your N is such a lovely girl, bringing mama some flowers, too sweet

    I love cycads, but ours is turning an interesting shade of yellow – wonder what it is lacking (must have missed that class in agric science LoL)

    • I have no idea why you cycad would do that. These ones seem pretty robust. They are a bit sensitive to frost, and if you move them it takes up to 3 years before they push out new growth again.

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