Home before Cinders, but we all still had both our shoes!

11 February , 2013

It was a GREAT weekend for me! 🙂

Remember this post? I told you about the friend I saw in traffic – and here she is! A came to visit us for brunch on Saturday and we had a lovely catch-up. I think we definitely need to do this more often. 🙂


Nicola is a bit under the weather. She’s not sick-sick if you know what I mean, but she’s completely gone off food and discipline.


On Saturday night I joined a couple of friend for a night out while Nicola stayed with my folks.

It was ridiculous amounts of fun!

First there was the complete mystery of it. T wouldn’t tell us where we were going or what we were doing, she just said no flip-flops and wear something red. Be ready by 6, she was picking us all up in her new car. This led A to guess that her new car might be a combi, but it turned out to be a very swanky new Mercedes.

We went to some place in Greenside where some of the food was terrible, cocktails were superb, coffee was weak and cold and whipped cream was so off you could actually see it without taking a whiff or a taste. Our waiter’s name was Perfect, but he was far from it, and one of my favourite moments of the evening was when A received her hot chocolate with the off cream on it and called the manager over (again) telling him to bring a spoon with him. If it was good enough to put in front of customer it was good enough for him to taste too.

There was a lot of plussing and minusing on the bill when it finally arrived because of crap that had to be credited. Perfect also did not have an excellent night for tips, but we had a great time none the less and I can hardly remember the last time I laughed so hard. There is something refreshing about hanging out with friends who knew you before you took on the roll of mommy, and to just have some laughs.  😉

I bet if you had to listen to some of the conversation points out of context you would be mighty puzzled about what everyone was going on about, and perhaps why we were all hosing ourselves. Some snippets worth mentioning (no names), “At least he doesn’t see another woman…he just prints another umbrella or a hello kitty mug…” and, “I want kids…but then I saw the videos of natural and C-section…”and, “Here is your bag of feathers…” and, “At least your husband doesn’t have an app for that!” and, “Why didn’t you tell us we could wear fancy flip-flops?!” and, “Why are you driving your dad’s car?”. 😆

We left shortly before Cinderella got home, and some random guy in the parking lot asked us why we were already calling it a night? He had just arrived. Mwahaha! We’re defintely getting old. I can’t imagine starting a night out at 00:00 anymore.




The pink terrorist, down for a not-so-common afternoon nap (3 hours!). She was so cute that morning. We went to go drop off some flowers and cake for a sick colleague of my mom’s. Nicola tells us that this lady must eat the cake, it will make her feel better. Later on in the car she says to me that chocolate is just for humans…not doctors. No amount of explaining could make her believe that doctors are in fact human.


She’s looking a bit better this morning, so I hope with a bit of sleep it will blow over before we go on holiday.

How was your weekend?



  1. The night out looks like a blast :)))

    Could she not be teething? Does she have all her teeth yet? I have no idea when they have them all – Cameron is 11 and apparently he gets teeth coming through now!

    • It was!

      I think she already has all of them, but I guess nothing’s impossible. She’s not running a fever though – which is kind of her thing when teething – but her tummy is a bit upset. Could be? I’ll keep an eye on those gums!

  2. Wha! My kids go “off” discipline regularly! Sounds like ane vening I could do with any time. Hope N is way better today

  3. Poor baby, hope she is brand spanking new again!!!

    Weekend was good – went to the AFCON finals and cleaned out a few drawers and bad – being without power for 12 unexplained hours 😦

  4. cat, it was a great evening! 😀 Unfortunately Nicola is still not quite herself – I do hope that she will start to feel better soon.

    MrsFF, sheesh 12 hours?! That’s quite a long stretch for no apparent reason. Maybe someone stole a cable? Glad you had an otherwise good weekend.

  5. Ah a night out with real friends! Its magical!

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