So what does it mean? (and other unrelated ramblings)

5 February , 2013

So…after yesterday’s revelation I decided to give the specialist a call who did our bloodtests last year. Of course I didn’t get through to her and I left a message, but so far she hasn’t called back yet. I googled the matter a bit and it seems that this is not the kind of thing that can skip a generation, if neither TGC or myself have the gene then Nicola should not be able to have it either.

Which leads me to believe that there has been some shoddy bloodwork done on one of our three tests. Either Nicola has been misdiagnosed, or they’ve managed to miss the gene in one of our two subsequent tests. *sigh* You know, I would be happier about paying thousand of rands for medical things if they were a bit more thorough while doing it.

At some point I will probably have Nicola tested again by someone else just to be sure, but since this isn’t a life threatening condition for her that some point can really be any time in the next 15 to 20 years as far as I’m concerned. If we happen to need other blood work done for whatever reason I’ll let them chuck it in with that to minimise the trauma for her – she’s not a fan of the needles.

Now, on to other unrelated medical things:

Tomorrow is D-day. D, standing for dentist obviously! 😉 Our appointment is at 8:00, so wish us luck. I’ve been telling this magical toothbrush storie ALL WEEK LONG, and pushing the bits about how it will tickle and how excited we are about going. By this time I reckon Nicola might actually be a bit excited about this, but I am just a bit nervous that all will go well.


Trying out some hats…just for fun.


I thought the pink one was going to be her favourite for sure, but she actually preferred the first one.


Playing with my grandmother on the lawn. Do not be alarmed at the pool noodle, it was something else for the purpose of this game. I forget what now exactly, but if I remember correctly it was meant to be a crocodile…either that or a snowboard. Might have been a snowboard because we watched Rise of the Guardians on that day.

Yip…definitely a snowboard.



  1. I get what you say. It’s rather strange that no one of the two of you have this gene …
    Good luck with tomorrow morning. Hope it goes good

    • Thanks…it didn’t go well unfortunately.

  2. Yay for the magic toothbrush. Hope it all goes well. As you know, it usually can go either way without any logic. There’s a blog going around at the moment about 3-year-olds – I must see if I can find it 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear what the specialist says!

    • The specialist has not returned any of my calls yet. Guess she doesn’t like her work questioned?

  3. No thoughts here on why!!!
    Waiting patiently for the update on the dentist. I am petrified of the dentist…so maybe a child friendly one will be good for me

    • It didn’t go well…he seems nice enough but my other much more expensive dentist is much better in my opinion. I’ll send you the number…they even put relaxing music on for skittish patients. 😉

  4. Hope it all goes well and really, nothing like shoddy bloodwork!

    • It makes me reallt mad…not only do I not know now if there’s something to worry about, but mist likely TGC is taking this as a sign that he’s not her bio-dad on top of that. Grrr…

  5. Oh heavens. Shoddy blood work? Can you get a refund? That would TOTALLY do my head in. Seriously. Love the hat pics. x

    • I doubt it…who made the mistake? the lab or the doctor interpreting the results? Plus I’d have to first spend that and them some first with another lab to prove that they were wrong to begin with. i don’t mind telling you that these tests were THOUSANDS and completely anihilated our medical aid last year.

      Thanks – I like the hat pics too. 🙂

  6. Perhaps biodad’s tests were wrong…?

    • It’s a possibility. Or it could even be mine? I’m rather hoping that it might be Nicola’s though.

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