Sunday, bloody hot Sunday (v2)

29 January , 2013


No. There is not an echo in here. Mmm…I swear I posted this yesterday – but it seems to have vansihed. Odd, because I have it in my feed reader – but it’s not on here anymore (oh well, makes the recreating bit easier?).

We started our morning by trying out a new church. I like the church we have, but their children’s program is practically non existant and I’m really looking for something a bit more interactive for the pink terrorist.

This one came highly recommended by one of my colleagues, who has two children of his own – so we tracked it down for a look-see. Actually we almost saw it last week, but I couldn’t find it. Too funny, because on sunday when I told Nicola where we were going she siad, “Maar mamma, ons kan dit nie opspoor nie!”

Her first impression of it was that it was a beautiful farm – it does kind of look like one, so pretty. What a nice relaxed atmosphere. Nicola was not even a little bit interested in the children’s church though, she wanted to be close to the guitar action in the tent for the grown-ups. Not to mention that there was a gravel floor that she could play with, so we ended up there. I thoroughly enjoyed the service, but I’m not sure if it’s the best fit for her.

I’m definitely going to check out a few more Afrikaans ones before I make up my mind (this one is American). So far, this has been the best one we’ve been to and the people are just so friendly! One guy absolutely made my day when he came to me after the service to compliment me on my relationship with Nicola and how well behaved she was (well she was mostly playing with the rocks, at least quietly, and at one point I seriously thought she was going to join the band and appropriate one of their guitars…but she didn’t). I know she felt comfortable there because while the pastor was doing his thing, she noticed the fan next to him and walked up to go cool off in front of it (and the whole congregation!) – no stage fright there, mwahahaha!


We started out the day pretty clean and shiny…


Very odd looking worm we saw there, that I thankfully convinced Nicola not to touch. This one was anormous, about the length and width of my ring finger!


After church we met up with MrsFF at the botanical gardens for a visit. She offered to bring us some of her figs and I jumped at the chance. MrsFF and her sister must have thought me quite daft because all I kept talking about was how bloody hot it was. I now know why I always meet people there early in the morning – holey macaroni it was scorching!


The pink terrorist managed to get hold of their camera and went to town with it. Some of the photos actually came out very nice, even the ones she took of her own chin. πŸ˜‰


In action…


Here you’ll see that she managed to get fairly dirty towards the end of the day. We found another worm, which Nicola played with extensively and then out of nowhere she leaned down and gave it a kiss goodbye before stomping it!…What a send off! πŸ˜† No idea where she gets that, I would have just left it alone. And since she was sweating just like the rest of us she ended up getting dirt stuck on her head, nose and chin to show for it too.

There was yet another worm that she found while we were waiting for the train we wanted to take back out to the entrance. All the kids were fascinated with it and trying to muscle in on the action but Nicola was having none of that.

We had a lovely day visiting with MrsFF and her sister, but next time we definitely need a cooler venue! (oooh and I finally managed to pronounce and remember their full names correctly! ). Thank you very much for the figs, they are delicious – and thank you for spoiling us both with gifts. Nicola ate ALL of that chocolate as soon as we got it to set in the fridge. πŸ˜€

After that we went to my parents’ place for a visit and a swim. We were almost cooked alive in my car, one of the last in Africa without aircon…I really need an upgrade soon. I think we probably spent over an hour just relaxing in the pool and playing in the water, I could have stayed there all day…

Thank goodness it rained a bit at last, last night! The thunder from the first storm was so loud thatΒ I wouldn’t have been surprised to go outside and find one of our pot plants blown to smithereens! Just the kind of storm I like really. πŸ™‚ and at least it’s cooled off a bit after that, thank goodness. It’s hard to imagine all the people being affected by floods when it’s been so hot and dry here lately. One of my friends in Autralia wrote that they had over 300mm over the weekend! That might not sound like a lot but trust me it is, that’s more than some places get in a month. Heck, that’s more than some places get in a year!

How was your weekend?



  1. Ahh…Hello Mrs FF…..as usual, Nicola is blimin cute

    • Hehehe…that she is. πŸ™‚

  2. Ah….I LOVE the pics with Nicola and the camera. I told Lance today that my next house MUST have a pool. I can’t think how else to cope in the heat.

    • On days that it’s this hot and we can’t get to my parents for a dip we usually hose ourselves down just to cool off. It’s just crazy how hot it’s been.

  3. Gee, I really decide on Sunday that we desperately need a pool. It was HOT! And what a nice meet up

    • It really was a lovely meet-up. πŸ™‚ I think you definitely need a pool, all your children love swimming, so it would definitely be a winner in my opinion. Plus you live in PTA and it’s always 3 degrees hotter there than here in any event!

  4. Take 2! I wrote a long comment, clicked submit and it varnished, no thanks to IE!!!!

    I was quite certain I saw v1 of this post, so imagine my shock when I logged on and it was nowhere to be found, I thought I was going gaga.

    It was such a pleasure to meet up with you and the pink terrorist. Aside from the blazing heat, it was a nice day. At one point, I felt we could fry eggs just using the sun, no stove required πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ We had a lot of fun and my sister was just taken with Nicola and her antics and her love of crawling animals

    I agree with you L, when next we meet (if it is in summer), there has to be a pool around else, it must be early in the day

    • Sorry that you lost your comment – at least it’s not just my things that are randomly disappearing online! πŸ˜‰

      I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as we did – and yes! definitely cooler condition next time.

  5. The heat… Oh LAWDY do I loathe it…
    That church sounds nice. Perhaps as comfy as she seems there she’ll find the kid’s part more enticing the more you go?

    • Yeah…I thought about that, but I think I found an Afrikaans one that might fit the bill. Perhaps when she’s a bit bigger we might go there on occasion too, because it really is very nice.

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