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28 January , 2013

Saturday morning we went for our monthly big shop at our local PicknPay. What a disappointment! An hour and a half of a glorious summer’s day that we will never get back, and we still don’t have our bloody groceries!

I have a list on my phone that I update throughout the month as things start running low, which I use for shopping. Unfortunately I usually delete items as I put them in the trolley so I have had to reconstruct my grocery list after this debacle – and now I have a nifty app for that called Out of Milk. I like it a lot, don’t know why I didn’t try something like it ages ago! It keeps track of things you bought before, and what you paid before if you tell it, you can categorise your list in any which way you want – for me that mean splitting them according to which areas I am most likely to find them in instead of alphabetically, and you can also share your list with someone if you happen to have someone who buys alongside with you so that items don’t get duplicated by accident.

Anyhoo, all went okay till we got to the till. They rang up everything and then their stupid card machines wouldn’t work. It didn’t decline (no surprise there, pay day was on Friday)…it just kept disconnecting. Then the useless supervisor and manager also joined in the party doing nothing about the situation to resolve it. The guy recommended that I leave and draw money from the ATM and then come back.

First off, I’m NOT doing that, because the idea pisses me off in principle. Secondly I had ice cream in some of those bags that were definitely not going to hold up to this suggestion. And thirdly because my withdrawal limit and my transaction limit are not in the same race at all.

I told the guy that if he seriously asked me to leave and come back, I would leave – but I would definitely not be back…EVER. Instead I asked if they had a computer set up somewhere that I could just EFT the money to them instead. Genius didn’t think that would work, because get this…apparently they don’t have a bank account (maybe this is why the card machine wasn’t working). Really?! I mean REALLY?!

So I made grand exit – and I will NOT be going back there. When I say these things I mean it. There’s one shop that I used to shop at regularly who hasn’t seen me in about 6 years because the manager suggested that I should use pads instead of tampons because he didn’t have any stock of what I was looking for, and I accused him of trying to woman-kind back to the dark ages! (I may have been a bit hormonal, but a promise is a promise). This was obviously not like that at all, except for the promise bit. 😉

I am/was steaming mad about this…FUMING really. Nicola even told the guy as we were leaving, “My mamma is baie kwaad!” and he smirked and said, “Once again, so sorry.” In a way that you just KNOW he really doesn’t give a crap. I said, “No you’re not…but you will be” and stormed off. He probably won’t.

I can’t wait for Walmart to roll out in SA.




  1. Darn, you’re hard core (remember that pic I had on my blog once?) 🙂

    I hate shopping so much I’d have gone to draw the money!

    I loveeeeeee the blue boots on Nicola – really, they make me smile every time I see them.

    • I love those blue boots too, it’s probably time to start looking at a new pair one of these days. I have a gut feeling that she’s going to want to go pink this time round. 😉

      I am hard core – mwahaha! 😉

  2. Oh please. Were they asking EVERYONE to go and draw money? I would have gone bos too!

    • I don’t actually know if it was just that till or everyone, at the time I was too busy arguing with the manager to care what the other people were up to.

      Not my idea of a fun way to go shopping, that’s for sure…

  3. Nicola the gardener!! Hard at work (or not)

    • She loves to help out in the garden – and she looks so cute doing it. 🙂

  4. This is rubbish. My ex – bank supplies the back up machines for PnP – so when the tills don’t work (through ABSA) ALL the stores have the back up Nedbank devices. My PnP tries this bullshit and I tell them to fetch the portable devices!!!!! Douchebags!!!

    They actually don’t have bank accounts – if it was a hyper then all their stuff is linked to a central account – so I get that wasn’t an option – my MIL tried this – lol -she even stormed into the office and attempted to do it!

    If this happened to me I would have had a small cry on the floor in the shop – hauling that trolley around for over an hour is not a lot of fun!

    • They did bring the little other bank thingy too, none of their machines would connect. I wonder if their real problem wasn’t perhaps with their phone lines? Anyhoo, not my problem – I don’t care how they make it work, I only care that it should work when I get to the till and want to pay. I only got to pick…no paying…what a pain in the ass really cause now I get to go do it all again this weekend at Checkers.

  5. Sorry, but I crack myself everytime you get upset…you do it in the most stylish way…and Nicola just rounds it off with a “My mamma is nou baaie kwaad”
    Cute pics of Nicola
    PS..Sorry for always laughing at your anger..smile

    • Hahaha, that’s okay – I don’t mind. I’m very fierce when you’re on the other end of my argument, but it’s got great spectator value from the sidelines – I know. 😉

      And thank you. 🙂

  6. i had the same issues on saturday too. also noticed a lot of complaints about it on twitter, as well. my FNB card didn’t work at exclusive books or Caves, but my fiance’s standard bank one did?

    so i dont think your issue was isolated to your PnP tbh. 🙂

    • Well don’t tell the guy from PnP! He might think I gave him a hard time unfairly then. 😉

      I understand that the card issue probably wasn’t their fault, but their attitude was – and that’s why I made the grand exit and am now changing shops going forward.

  7. I hope you tweeted Pick n Pay – they normally get back to you and offer you a little something.

    And that second from last photo is extremely cute!

    • Thanks cat! That’s one of my favourites too.

      I didn’t tweet them no, cause I have no intention of going back there. 😉

  8. I do the same if a shop pisses me off! I will never go back!

    • I’m glad to hear it’s not just me! 😀

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