Secret Place Things

23 January , 2013

I’m not even exagerating when I say that there is absolute chaos here at the moment!

Background information A: There is a man from group here, teaching and advocating a completely different mission method structure than the one we’re following. He is an Australian from Switzerland (that’s not really relevant, but the ex-secret agent who might be reading will know who he is).

Background information B: There is a short man, assigning missions to people who now report to him, even though he doesn’t actually work here, or give a shit about what goes on here in general. He is also going round telling people that Steamcleaner agreed to things that she has never actually agreed to. He incidentally also organised the training bit in A, badly. People who were not invited to the course are now suddenly expected to take ownership of the process, other people are being told all manner of interesting half-truths and he’s taken it upon himself to order roughly 80% of our recently relocated department to relocate again – some even to their exact previous seats! Which has caused no shortage of upset – and has had a solid line of complainants in front of my desk ALL week.

Background information C: There is someone who at times has been called master/mistress of specific secret missions (not mine) who is making a bit of a power grab in the absense of anyone resembling an authority figure. Actually, she’s not the only one – there’s a lot of that going on at the moment by different people. It’s like they all suddenly woke up early January and realised that Snake-In-The-Grass hasn’t been replaced and won’t be replaced until Box-Of-Frogs has been replaced, and that’s not happening till at least May. Strike now while the iron’s hot! You are in a perfect position to dress yourself up as someone that needs reckoning with while no one is officially in charge. That way when the new guy/s walk in they’ll think you know it all and it will become a permanent power gain for you. Not a half bad plan, except when 4 or 5 people are all trying it at the same time. Chaos! This pack of wolves needs a alpha dog – pronto!

Background speculation 1: In the secret place many things have been restructured since I first joined the company in 2009, but my department has not (yet?). Actually it’s the only one in all corners of all 6 floors of this place that hasn’t had the pleasure. Add to that that one of our agents recently came back from a 3 week overseas mission with information about completely different structures, on top of this new mission method madness – and you’ll probably not be surprised that I suspect there might be some sort of writing on the wall (or whiteboard as the case may be).

I have suggested (and scheduled) a team meeting to adress all the confusion and unhappiness for tomorrow. Either things are not as bad as they look and the majority of all ruffled feathers will be smoothed down, or the other truth will out and people will be put in a position where they realise that they need to make some sort of choice, or start planning exit strategies. I actually have no idea how either of these two outcomes will affect me and my own empire here – probably not all that much if I had to take a guess. 😉

Side note: My new desk has no f-ing 3G signal whatsoever. I have to check my private emails from the loo or the smoking balcony. I could still kind of work around that, but then I get a cheecky SMS from Vodacom telling how much data of mine will expiring and when. “Dear” Vodacom, I know why you SMS that to me a-holes, it’s because your network is so brilliant that sending me that with something that uses data WOULDN’T WORK!!! Grrr…


Quality cuddle with the pink terrorist…


Enjoying her new trampoline… 😀


Just chilling next to the pool… I could do with a bit of that today actually.



  1. Love the post about your work…this whole conspiracy feeling

    • Hahaha, it’s more than just a feeling…it’s a premonition! 😉

  2. Ugh. THIS is why I hate being in corporate. So much of underhanded and deviousness and EGO! And how annoying about the lack of signal!

    • I’ve worked in plenty of corporate and I’ve never seen it work any other way…

  3. Oh I LOVE the corporate shenanigans,,,,, when it doesn’t affect me and I can just people-watch 🙂

    And the lack of signal does me in! our gorgeous building, while stunning and beautiful and the best campus ever, has really cr@ppy wifi. I look on the bright side – if it was better I’d be more tempted, right?

    • The biggest annoyance about the signal is that it kills my battery! The phone keep looking for the non existant signal and it’s flat-ish by 14:00!

  4. I’d love to be in corporate – but only for the benefits. But in Private it’s far more family oriented (if I can judge by my neighbour – who is in corporate).

    Nice to meet some SA bloggers.

    • That’s definitely true…in corporate you’re just a number.

      Nice to meet you too! 🙂

  5. Oh I love how very observant and non fussed you are by all this.

    • I am a bit fussed, but I don’t really see that I’d be adding any value by going round the building tearing my hair out and screaming, “The end is neigh!”

      It is what it is…

      I’ll panick when I get a letter telling me don’t bother to come in tomorrow – in the meantime I can suss out the new lay of the land and establish if there is still a corner for me in it.

  6. ha ha ha ha!!!!!!

    I feel like I am reading a conspiracy theory novel….

    • I feel like I’m living it! 😉

  7. Ag just lookit the little madam lounging in the sun!

    • Cute huh? I have no idea where she gets that – I never do that.

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