Ramble 5 of 5

14 January , 2013

Phillygirl visit:

On Saturday we visited the botanical gardens with Philly. The idea was that Nicola could burn a bit of energy while the big girls caught up and had a chat and then we could all have some ice cream and a nice relaxed stroll around.

It went more or less like that…but we had a good couple of laughs at Nicola anyway.

She has come to enjoy the word tootsies (toes) and she apparently has also come across the word tushy (bum) at some point and managed to mix them up somehow. She had quite a fierce crash landing at high speed off the slide earlier in the day and both of these areas where a bit tender. However having her walk around rubbing her bottom saying, “Eina, my tootsies!” is just too funny not to have a giggle.

On our way out we saw a wedding party wandering down the path with their photographer slightly ahead of them. Naturally Phillygirl and I hung back a bit so the guy could get his shot, but Nicola was completely oblivious to all of this.

The first time she noticed that something was up was when she found herself completely surrounded by bride and bridesmaids in evening gowns. She looked up, blinked a few times and then loudly exclaimed, “Mamma, look at all the beautiful princesses!” which led to a collective “aaaaawe” and everybody forgiving her for photo-bombing them. I dare say she made a few of those ladies’ day by saying that – how sweet! She tells me that she’s going to be a princess one day too. 🙂 I have no trouble believing that at all.

Right…that’s a wrap from me for today. Now I’m going to sit and abuse the internet until facilities come round to move my boxes. Hope your week is off to a great start too!



1. N & D, previous best friend from last year. She hasn’t mentioned her yet for this year, so I’m not sure if the teacher told them or if they all just assume she’s still away on holiday.

2. Clowning around on the matresses before school.

3. Having tea with my gandmother. So cute!



  1. Ha Ha Ha Ha. Nicola, Nicola, Nicola, she definitely knows how to warm her way to people’s hearts 🙂 Such a cutie pie she is….

    And that picture with her great gran is just too precious

  2. Sy is vir my SO ‘n mooi dogtertjie!

  3. Ag moeder mamma. ANd a Princess she will be

  4. Too blimin cute

  5. So cute that photo of granddaughter and grandmother.

  6. MrsFF, a real cute pie for sure! 🙂

    Son, baie dankie!

    Cat, 😀

    Melinda, I wish I had thought to take a photo of that while it was happening.

    blackhuff, I like that one too.

  7. Such a charmer!

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