Ramble 4 of 5

14 January , 2013

We don’t eat THAT!

Have you ever wondered how children feel when they discover that the cute little baby chicken picture they see in their 100 Farm Words book, might have a cousin at KFC? This I think is really a make or break moment to see if you’re raising a vegetarian or a South African – that moment when they realise that what they’re eating was previously a potentially cute thing with feathers or fur.

Well, Nicola has solved this potential dilemma for herself by cleverly compartmentalising. According to my daughter the Afrikaans birds, Hoenders, are the only ones found on farms and in books. The English chickens are what we eat in the city.

I have been honest with her that they are really the same thing, but she’s having none of that. So there you have it: we eat chickens, and we like looking at hoenders. I suppose it will do for now? 😉




  1. I tell you Louisa, your daughter will headline a comedy show very soon. I am bowlinig over with laughter. But I love her reasoning 😉

  2. Very cute!

  3. That’s so cute 🙂

  4. Hey…if it works, it works? 😉

    I love the reasoning – even if it’s not right. She’s obviously given the matter some thought to come up with this.

  5. That is very sweet 🙂 Love the little gardener!!

    • She’s a very eager little helper. 🙂

  6. As die meisiekind so besluit het, is dit seker so! 🙂

  7. Oh my hat. This post made me laugh and laugh and laugh. She’s so cute!

  8. supermom, ja nee – sy is nogal vasbeslote as sy eers op iets besluit het. 😉

    Julia, hehehe…I had a good giggle too when she told me about her theory.

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