Ramble 3 of 5

14 January , 2013

And I shall call him…

Last week one afternoon when I went to go and collect Nicola from school, she comes walking towards me to greet me and spots some random little boy loitering near the gate. Okay, he wasn’t loitering exactly, he was wobbling – you could see the poor little guy has clearly just got the hang of standing on his own cause he’s still a baby.

She says, “Mommy! This is my brother.” Me, “No, he’s not.” Nicola, “YES, he is.” Me, “Nope, he is not.” Nicola, “YES! HE IS MY BROTHER!” (I’m thinking perhaps a few of the kids in her class recently gained new siblings and this must be the reason for all this. Me, “So if he’s your brother, what’s his name?” …Nicola, “Mmmm…Barbie.” Mwahahaha! Poor kid. 😉



  1. I quite like this angle on Nicola and the paintbrush. Doesn’t she look deep in thought here? 🙂
  2. And now we’re conducting music with said paintbrush outside!
  3. This was just after the haircut I gave her, so I was trying to see if I managed to get it more or less even.
  4. What’s this?
  5. A fort!




  1. Nicola is going to start a comedy show very soon at this rate 🙂 🙂 😉

    Poor boy, if only he knows he has been christened barbie LOL

    Princess with many talents – music conductor, artist, comedian, builder

  2. Clearly a case of mistaken identity. But a very cute one

  3. MrsFF & Cat, yeah shame man – if only he knew what he’d been called! Mwahahaha! 😆

  4. I think Barbie is a cool name – lol!

    How cute is her little fort – my big kids still love building them!

    • Hahaha, I doubt that little boy’s mom would agree. 😉

      I encourage these kinds of forts (flat top) because Nicola has a habit of mostly wanting to climb on top of her forts once they’ve been built – which can cause a bit of chaos!

  5. LOL…oh hat! I love the fort. Both my kids still build them.

    • We used to build them as well – but our were a LOT bigger! 😉

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