Ramble 2 of 5

14 January , 2013

The cage fantastic:

My dad built a cage to trap pigeons recently. It’s kind of funny if you think that till fairly recently we were feeding them, but then they took a liking to the dog food and now they aren’t welcome anymore. A giant bag of food that used to last 6 weeks now only lasts about 3.

What does one do with so many pigeons once you’ve caught them, you might ask? Well, my dad’s been shooting them out the kitchen window and Diablo’s been eating them. The problem is that he doesn’t really eat more than two a day and what he does with the surplus is stash them in the garden and eat them later – which is giving him a really nasty decomposing pigeon breath…hence the reason we need a cage.

So, while my dad was building the cage Nicola was very eager to help him. She told me very excitedly that it was for the birds and then added, “They are going to be soooo happy!” Mwahaha! I doubt that, but hopefully she keeps thinking of it as their home and not pigeon death row.

When my dad was more or less done, Nicola gave the cage a critical once over and told my dad, “oupa…this cage is not very pretty.” Hahaha, indeed.  How does one fix that exactly? It’s easy! Just sprinkle it with some pixie dust…a.k.a sawdust from the garage floor.

So now it’s all glammed up and ready for customers but the birds, cleverly, have not yet ventured into the trap. There is going to be a great deal of excitement once that first one appears – I can tell.



1-3. Just some cute



  1. Hmmm, I have the same problem with dog food and pigeons or birds in general (not even sure which ones eat the dog food these days). We had to resort to moving the food around, but sooner or later they discovered the new location, and then we are back to square one 😦

    OMW, Nicola is just too funny, I am trying everything not to laugh too loud as I am reading this at work. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • It’s probably the pigeons eating your dog food too – they’re the main culprits just about everywhere I think.

      Yip, Nicola is a real clown! 😉

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