Ramble 1 of 5

14 January , 2013

Don’t give me that look…

I have a massive photo posting backlog to catch up on. 😉

Secret place and secret things:

I’m surrounded by boxes…we’re doing another big office move today from the 4th floor to the 1st. By tomorrow i will have worked in two corners of the 2nd floor, two corners of the 4th floor and one corner of the 1st. Cool! I stil need a tour of duty on the 3rd and the 5th and then I can consider this building done from all angles.

Ooh! Did I tell you that I got to name a secret mission last week. It’s not final-final but it will be by Thursday. I feel quite chuffed about it, everyone who hears the name laughs and loves it instantly. It’s perfect, if I have to say so myself. It just has to make it through its first portfolio council without anyone tampering with it and then it’s set.  🙂 This is the first one I got to name in more than three years – that’s why I’m so thrilled about it.

Last little secret place thing. On Friday municipal workers accidentally jack hammered off our power supply to the building (not sure if anyone got hurt). This building is practically a giant greenhouse with all the windows so you can just imagine how hot it became in here! Luckily I didn’t have to suffer through it because I was out and about with Marcia and Jeanette for a walk in the city (photos when I get round to downloading them of course).



  1. Nicola playing with the tap at my parents’ place
  2. Bunny make up for last year’s school play (yes, I am THAT far behind)
  3. Cranky pants has cheese curls and tries to ignore irritating mother with camera


  1. geeeeeez, that bunny pic is SERIOUSLY cute. why oh why am i having *another* boy? i’m totally jealous of your girl!

    • Hahaha! Thanks. I was rooting for you to have a girl too. Any chance that they could have been looking at the placenta?

  2. Many degrees of cutness. That bunny picture is too cute, and she has a cheeky look to go with. Ha, Ha, Ha, Nicola has learnt early enough to ignore mama 🙂

    Hope the power issue at the secret place is sorted out now? Why do you move around so much at work? And please share pictures from the walk, don’t keep us waiting for too long 😉

    • I don’t know why we move so much…but it’s just a desk really. Doesn’t bug me. This might be the nicest desk I’ve ever had here – but the view is nowhere near as nice as on the 4th floor.

      I’ll post a few photos of the walk today. 😉

  3. Love the naming thing

    • Me too! Just wish i could tell you what it was.

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