Nylstroom photos

7 January , 2013

These were taken a few weeks ago when we went to go visit our friends on the farm.

The girls played so well together, I was really impressed.


It is insanely hot there! But well worth it to spend some time with people who are near to our hearts. 🙂



  1. Aaawww…

  2. Nice that they played together and were not in competition. It was hoooooooot even here (my SIL swears you can fry eggs in this heat 😉 ) so I can only how much hotter it was there

  3. Angel, 😀

    Mrs FF, it’s not particularly strange for them to hit 38’C days over there! The biggest problem is at night though. You desperately want to leave a window open to cool off, but the critters that come in is something I just can’t face – so you end up lying awake in a pool of your own sweat.

  4. Gorgeous pics. I LOVE her hair! It’s growing really nicely. xx

    • Thank you! Yip, her hair grows reallt fast.

  5. Oh these are beautiful. And so great when the kids get alomg too

    • It’s the kind of thing you imagine you might do…when you start thinking about having children. Chilling with friends while the kids play peacefully in the shade of a big tree somwhere close by. 🙂

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