Last ramble for 2012…well it’s still early so you never know, but I think so anyway.

31 December , 2012

First photos (few weeks ago):


I know – she’s the cutest! 😀

Now ramble time:

You’ve probably noticed that it’s been a bit quiet here the last few days (oh who am I kidding, you’ve probably been away and blissfully unaware). I have been taking it fairly easy. We had a super Christmas and in between and I’ve been keeping a fairly low profile online, but my to-write-about list hasn’t exactly rested with me. Might as well clear the old throat before the new year. 😉

Cute things said and done by the pink terrorist:

  • You know that bit of “To infinity and beyond!” in Toy Storie? Nicola doesn’t get it I realise. We’re hanging in the pool cooling off and clowning around and she says (as she pushes herself away from the side), “To Infinity and beyond!”. At this point I still think she gets it, until she follows it up with, “Three infinity and beyond…Four infinity and beyond!” Mwahaha! I kind of like her version more though.
  • You may have seen on previous posts that my folks have two dogs that shed. A husky (Diablo) and a chow (Nala). Neither of these pooches are in a hurry to get the shedding done once it gets warm enough for that kind of thing. In fact you can easily find them still shedding the previous coat by the time the new one starts arriving. So my dad likes to help it along a bit, either with a brush (after which it looks like someone has shaved a sheep of two in their front yard – to the great delight of the nesting birds looking for something soft), or he just randomly plucks out a few hands full of fluff every time he goes outside. Nicola, after seeing this says to my dad, “Oupa…hoekom pluk jy Nala se stert vere?”. 😆
  • One day over this last week or so, we were sitting outside with my Gran. Nicola got hold of her gate remote and was having a blast opening and closing it repeatedly (not so much fun for the rest of us because one of the rollers on the gate was kaput and it was putting up a mighty screech with every move!). Anyhoo, I thought that it might be a good opportunity to impress on her the importance of NOT going outside the gate without one of us with her. So I first tried explaining it a bit (amid some heavy duty gate screeching and Nicola laughter – so pretty much certain that she wasn’t listening to a word I was saying). I followed up with a open question to try and establish if we were on the same page about this thing. “So wat moet jy doen as die hek oopgaan?”…her answer, “Wag vir Oupa!” I had such a laugh at that. Firstly Oupa wasn’t home at the time and I never mentioned him in my explanation by name. Secondly, if you know my dad at all – you would have heard that statement in his tone of voice for sure, like I did. 😉 Not exactly what I was going for, but it’ll do just fine.
  • As I mentioned in a previous post, we had a Party Like There’s No Tomorrow 30th for my brother on the 21st (and by the way – I am happy that the world did not in fact end – not surprised, but certainly happy). Nicola went along and she seemed to be having a fantastic time charming all my brother’s friends. In particular, K’s brother in law H and Nicola were having some serious fun. They kept saying, “Ek watch jou!” too each other and bursting into fits of giggles. It really was so much fun to watch them do it (it carried on for a lot longer than you might think, so my back was just about broken – Nicola was big time flirting with H, all from the comfort of mom’s arms of course!). There were quite a few of our friends there who only met her for the first time, in general she was pretty comfortable with everyone – but I noticed that she was much friendlier to the men than the women, especially those that are fathers and obviously know their way around children. *cough & cringe* I even heard her slip in a “daddy” to one of them, which was a bit awkward for me, but no one else noticed so I guess whatever…I definitely see that she’s missing a dad-like person in her life at the moment, and not just at this event. *sigh* No immediate plans to find one of those – we’ll just have to get through it one day at a time as always.
  • We recently went on a shopping trip to Westpack with my mom. It is a fun plastic filled place where you will mostly discover things you didn’t know you couldn’t live without. We had such a laugh at Nicola. You see, I have taken her there on occasion before – and I am very well aware of my pink terrorist’s habit of pulling things off shelves and her extreme shopping gene which I am sure she inherited from my mother. So imagine my mom’s surprise as we walk along the aisles. She picks something up to put it in the trolley and get berated by Nicola quite fiercely, “Ouma! Jy moet NIE dit touch nie. Sit dit neer! Dis net vir kyk, nie vir touch nie!” (I guess you can figure out where she might have heard that before?). People we passed were having a good giggle at us, this went on for the entire shopping trip. 😉
  • I am so tired, I can’t even begin to explain to you how tired I am. I haven’t slept properly for the last three nights now. My left ear has some sort of nasty in it and it’s quite tender and swollen. It actually doesn’t bug me that much during the day but it’s really sore to put it on a pillow and sleep. I have subsequently realised that my left ear is my sleeping ear. My right ear is half deaf, so I suppose I just turn on my left side, all goes quiet and I go to sleep in general…and here I was thinking that I usually fall asleep on my back. *yawn* So every night I put up a valiant effort to go to sleep but I just can’t cause it hurts too much. I end up watching episodes of Survivor on the laptop until 3:00 or 4:00am before conking out while sitting upright.
  • Understandably this all has left me exhausted during the day, so I really jumped at an opportunity for an afternoon nap at my parents’ place earlier this week (my mom put some ear drops in for me and for all the money in the world I would not have been able to keep my eyes open after that!). Nicola is a little Florence Nightingale. What a sweetheart! When I’m not feeling well, she always fusses over me, and if I’m sleeping it off – or trying to – she gets on top of me for feel better snuggles, and I usually wake up with things around me that she thought I might need to get better. This time my dad tells me that she made very sure that he knew my ear was hurting and I wasn’t feeling well when he came home. My mom had put a bit of cotton wool in my ear after the drops, and Nicola added another two balls or so to help (this was gone by the time I woke up), and she fetched a clean dish rag from the cupboard and put it over me like a blanky while I was sleeping (also gone by the time I woke up). It really makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I see how concerned she is about me when I’m not feeling well. Love that little girl to bits! 🙂 Anyhoo, the ear is starting to feel better at least, if it doesn’t clear up in the next few days I will use our newly rolled over MSA and go see the doctor of course.

 Other things that are more mine:

  • You may or may not recall that I was having a little issue with a colleague here at the secret place recently? This guy made me so mad – I lost my pip completely with him. I have lost patience with the way he’s not leaving or getting better either, so I’ve orchestrated a make or break scenario for him (with his help, and partly because he was blaming someone fairly vicious for one of his failed QAs). The beauty of this plan is just fantastic. Either he will have to watch his step and focus on the right things going forward (a win) or he will be throwing himself to the lions (could also be a win if the first win doesn’t come through). I do not plan to spend any time in 2013 getting frustrated with the same bullshit again regarding this secret agent. Onward and upwards, or sideways and outwards – either one is fine by me.
  • I have something eating me that I will do a password post on when I’m done navel gazing about it. Nothing too serious, I’m just in mulling mode (I attribute that to this time of the year).
  • I have found another scorpion in our cottage. It was a teeny tiny little brown one this time, and I found it in the bath alongside a dead mosquito. I am seriously intrigued about how it managed to get there in the first place. I checked everywhere for potential parents to the little guy, but none found so far (thank goodness). At first I though…maybe it came in through the drain pipes? How is a little critter like that going to make it all the way inside our house AND inside the tub without being spotted?! But my dad says that they can’t get in that way because there’s a water trap of some sorts in all these pipes…mmm…then the only other explanation I can come up with is that the mosquito brought it in and was promptly killed by its passenger right above our bath tub? He was really tiny, just a bit bigger than an ant – still bloody poisonous though. And he tried his level best to kill the shampoo bottle I used to smash him. I’m assuming the spiders sent it as an assassin. They all have eight legs, and are clearly in cahoots to get me! Assholes…

 Next year

  • Would any year be complete with a little hope statement for the coming year? Nope…so here goes:
  • I have picked a word. Marcia is very big on this word of the year business, and so is Julia and Cat. I’m not going to blog my word though – until it’s over, then I’ll tell you (guess you’ll have to stick it out for the whole of 2013’s rambles then huh?). 😉 Maybe you can try to guess the word if you want?
  • I KNOW that 2013 is going to be a big and significant year for us. I’m a little bit scared and a lot excited about it. And I’m ready – which is really the best part. Bring it on 2013! (and by “it” I mean all the good stuff of course).
  • I wish you all a happy new year! Come back safe if you’re travelling. Mind all the drunk people on the roads today and tomorrow, and keep your fingers crossed for some serious firework thwarting rain tonight for the sake of the animals.
  • I’m on leave from tomorrow for a few days again – so only back next week Monday. I may or may not post anything while I’m out and about.  At least I’ve given you plenty of ramble to work through till then. 😉


  1. Awwwww, Nicola is so growing up into such a sweet and caring young lady. At least you know everyone will know if you are sick 😉

    BTW, she’s also turing out to be as funny and as she is cute. I wish I could be a fly on the wall when she is in her elements

    Do enjoy your leave and drive safe if you are going away. Wishing you a very happy 2013. See you next year

    • Thank you, and the same to you!

      She’s a real comedian – that’s for sure. 😉

  2. Happy days for you! I am not afraid of crawly things but scorpions WOULD freak me out. You must ENJOY the rest of your break and please share your word so we can encourage you?
    Happy 2013 to you and Nicola and TO Infinity and BEYOND!

    • The scorpions freak me out too! At least they move slower than the spiders. On the other hand, at least the spiders are considerate enough to stay out of my boots and bedding… 😦 and bath!

      Okay…I’ll tell. Just because you asked so nicely. My word is Stretch. 🙂

      • I LOVE it!

      • ps….I won’t tell a soul. Promise.

      • Hehehe…cool 😉

  3. Ha! I know the word. Also I feel like “one step closer to world domination” when I convert people to my little oddities 🙂 I love this rambly post full of bits and pieces we could talk about for 2 hours.

    That is EXACTLY westpack – you didn’t know you needed it til you saw it 🙂 We now have our own mini version right on my doorstep – I’ve been twice since October….

    Can’t wait for the navel-gazing post and to see your awesome big year ahead!

    • Marcia, if you’re not world dominating yet then you must be holding back! 😉

  4. LOL at “stert vere”!
    Happy new year to you too!

    • Poor Nala probably wishes they were feathers. 😉

  5. My dear friend, wishing yo the very best for a great year

    • Thank you Cat, and the same to you! xxx

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