Long weekend knocking…

14 December , 2012

…and not a moment too soon!

I got stuck here in a group conference call until almost 19:00 last night, so I’ve begged off from Steamcleaner to go home super early today and she said yes! 😀

TPP’s farewell went well, all donations collected, all signatures on the card accounted for. I think she’s finding it a bit hard to leave because she’s still wandering the passages – and it’s kind of customary to have your party, hand in your laptop and access card and hit the road. Snake-In-The-Grass left a gift for her with Steamcleaner and a heartfelt message with his usual quota of inappropriate words and spelling mistakes to be read out at the event. If you think I’m being nasty, allow me to quote the opening line, “I would just like to say a few special words in gest…”. We were stumped, either he wanted to say a few special words as a gesture, or he misspelt the word jest and possibly has no idea what it actually means in this context?

Sooooo NOT missing that one!

Oh yes, an update on the water situation of yesterday. Apparently the issue is not a pipe, it has something to do with the reservoir that feeds our area. The water came on at 11:00 and was still going strong by the time we got home. 

I was so delighted that I washed my hair twice. 😀

I suppose I better get some actual work done before I hit the road at 14:00, so I’ll leave you with a few photos taken a couple of weeks ago at D’s birthday party – held at Tres Jolie.  


D and Nicola.


The camels of Tres Jolie.


All aboard!



They kindof crashed another party that was going on there. These people had a water slide set up and our party’s kids just hopped on it and went to town. We were very kindly asked to remove our sprogs from their water feature. 😉


The party table.


Nicola and L, both too scared to go on the camel by themselves but completely ready to do ittogether.


I never realised how extremely tall a camel was until my pink terrorist sat on one and I couldn’t even reach her!


Wind in their hair camel ride, what’s not to love?

Anyhoo, hope you all have a fantastic long weekend ahead!



  1. That is really great of your senior to give you some time off from today’s work. Enjoy your long weekend.

    • Thank you! And you too. Steamcleaner is a rock star! 🙂

  2. I LOVEEEEE that you washed your hair twice 🙂

    So more than half the company went on leave today and when I left early (4.30 is early for me) the place was like a morgue. Dead quiet.

    Which means there will be PARKING on Tues – it’s truly sad the things I get excited about.

    IN other news, I got my two orders of washi tape yesterday and I actually put on my list to “CREATE with washi tape” so I can’t wait for that this weekend and a special girl’s party, of course 🙂

    • Can’t wait to see what you make.

      I am very excited about the lack of traffic, and if I didn’t have an allocated parking i would get excited about that too, for sure!

  3. Can not wait for tomorrow and the rest of the weekend! Glad the water is back

    • It was really good to see you guys, thanks for coming! 🙂

  4. Awesome that you got to leave early. What’s with people having conference calls till 7pm? I would have been livid!
    Had a good laugh at your party kids gatecrashing the other party.
    ENJOY your weekend. I’ve got a wedding tomorrow and carols by candle light on Monday. Sunday sleep and read. I’m officially on leave too so am looking forward to some downtime next week. Still have to get up early though because I’m taking Child2 to school and will be waiting outside shops until they open.

    • For them it’s not so late because they’re sitting on the other end of the world. I had a great weekend thanks! You sound super busy, i don’t think I have that amount of activities in me for December – all I want to do it relax and eat till I fall over. 😉

  5. I delivered cupcakes there for a wedding on 12.12.12!
    I can’t believe they asked you to take your kids off the slip ‘n slide! How selfish is that!

    • I suppose the other people paid extra for it? It would be better if they had a separate area for that kind of thing though.

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