I could do with a wind down now

12 December , 2012

Seriously. What a busy week so far!

Firstly, it’s financial year end at the seceret place in December so everyone is scuttling round like blue arsed flies to get everything done. You wouldn’t say that we’ve already done a secret thing freeze two weeks ago the way they’re carrying on.

There is a lot of accounting magic happening in this period too. Budgets have to beaten into submission where they may have stepped out of line, and because of this one secret tool that I am  king of the dung-heap on I have to get involved in all of this. It’s been keeping me super busy.

I have declared that no further changes will be made without bribes in the form of chocolates or booze. I already have a very interesting bottle of some or another imported vodka in my fridge now. It’s called Ciroc…BigDave told me about it a while ago. He called it pappa smurf because it has a big blue dot on the bottle.

I’m hoping to either do no more changes, or to see some chocolate soon. 😉

Secondly, I have been organising TPP’s farewell which is happening on Friday. I have been running around the whole building getting signatures and contributions for her gift. There are still 4 people on my list that I haven’t been able to track down yet, and I am tired tired tired of it now. This HAS to be the last farewell for 2012 at least. I hope next year is not so busy in that regard.

Thirdly, I am feeling a bit fragile today. We had dinner at my brother & K’s place last night while I downloaded some series from them and between my dad, them and myself we shared a couple of bottles of red wine. Very festive. 🙂 Today, not so much – and I have not had nearly enough coffee today (yet).

Fourthly, I did a quick breakfast with a friend this morning in town. He used to be one of our secret agents here and I haven’t seen him in ages. He’s back in the country for a few weeks and we decided a catch up was in order. What a laugh we had! Hopefully we can have a few more again before he leaves in January.

I’d love to tell you what the pics are today – but secret place has just dropped their line from a 10M to a 2M and disabled all pics in the process somehow. (I’d put my WTF stamp all over that if I could). So I’ll have to post it and go see on my phone, come back and edit it to let you know…expect an update. Oh yes, talking about strange happenings at secret place. AgentSmith (who, let’s not forget, “loves” the people and have only wonderful things in store for them) has declared that no more will we be experiencing the 24th and 31st half day phenomenon. They are now full days. Thanks dude, we’re really feeling the “love”.

And lastly, I wanted to tell you about the holiday school and how it’s been going there:

I was a bit worried, because I don’t know this particular teacher very well and truthfully the bits I have seen before didn’t really thrill me. I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but I suppose if I’m 100% honest the thing that bugged me the most of all is the shrill tone of voice that she has. Silly, right?

Anyhoo, as luck would have it I found out that she will be Nicola’s new teacher next year. I did briefly consider a hunt for a new school, based on nothing more than the tone of someone’s voice. However, I decided to calm myself down to a mild panic and enroll Nicola for the holiday school as a sort of audition. Also, if I decided not to move her this could be a really good chance for them to bond and I know from past years that my daughter has a hard time adjusting to a new teacher, so potentially a great opportunity?

Can I just say how wrong I was to not like this woman! She’s amazing. The first day when I went to go pick up the pink terrorist (an hour early in case things went pear shaped) I found the teacher outside, soaking wet, barefoot and just as dirty as the children. She played with them all day long, instead of the usual vigil from the safety of a chair under the tree. She put up a slip and slide for them because it was so hot and she’s really gone the extra mile each day to make sure that not only are they looked after but that they are having fun! I love that.

Nicola is also quite taken with her and has told me twice now how nice teacher Renee’ is. Definitely a win-win situation as far as I can see. 😀


Be back in a bit to tell you what photos these are. 😉


Okay, photos are:

  1. Why one should ALWAYS be able to see the end of the hosepipe before you turn on the tap.
  2. This is what it looks like when you sing raisins to sleep.
  3. One of the recently rare afternoon naps. 😉


  1. I refuse to do those things anymore (the running around and collecting money). I will happily buy the present and card but that’s it.

    love that the teacher gets so involved!!!

    • Usually I only do it for people in my own team…but TPP doesn’t have a team and she always contributes to ours so I volunteered, can you believe it? 😉

  2. PS a december year-end is madness 🙂

    • Amen to that!

  3. Sucks that they disabled the whole thing in the process and you need to go on your phone to see the photos.
    That sucks so much re the Holiday days. But, since working for my company, we have never had half days on those days either 😦

    • Yeah, they’re constantly trying to make the equipment less useful around here. I saw that when I go to preview the post the pics work, but not in the edit mode. Oh well…it’s a work around of sorts.

      I could always blog from my phone but I’d make a lot more spelling mistakes. 😉

  4. Ha Ha Ha Ha. Laughing at so many things in your post. Guess when you can’t have your wine and drink it (LOL) you know you are no longer a spring chicken 🙂 😉 Hope the raisins had a good sleep 🙂

    I can’t even comment on blogspot at work, but at least I can still do everything on WP on most days. Sucks especially when my phone is in for repairs 😦 and I have a phone I have named “AppleBerry”

    Good to hear about teacher Renee, must be such a relief and it helps a great deal to know that she is hands on and your baby is in good hands.

    My major role/contributuion towards farewells and collections is to find out what the person really wants and sometimes get the gifts and I must say so far I have always succeeded in getting it correct.(I hate the collection bit especially when you have to collect from like 50 people or more sometimes). My colleagues would just give a gift card all the time if I allow them.

    • I am definitely not a spring chicken anymore…loooong gone are the days where I could go out on a school night and party till it was time to go to work again and pull it off. I wasn’t even up late this time, in bed by 21:00!

      The teacher is a great relief, definitely.

      We used to try and devine what people wanted and then try and raise the money needed for that but it became such a pain in the backside that we now do a standard gift card. This time round, when I asked TPP who she would like the gift card to be from she asked if she could rather have it in cash because she wants to use it towards new tyres on her car. It seems a bit wrong to me, but it’s certainly a lot less effort.

  5. Ai, a bit of red wine also does nit do me too well the next day. And love love that teacher

    • Yip…I think she will do just fine. 😉

  6. Oh what an awesome teacher! And she’ll be N’s teacher next year!

    • That was the plan, but apparently there’s been a reshuffle again. Dammit.

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