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12 December , 2012

I’m happy to say pictures are back…they upped the line to a 3M again yesterday. So still slow, but at least not completely useless at the same time?

Last night Nicola unfortunately learnt why it’s not a good idea to surprise a cat. She pounced on a sleeping Tigger and Tigger gave her a big fright and a little scratch on her hand. Crocodile tears of epic propertions and plasters on both hands (even though only one was scratched). I tried to explain that Tigger was just scared and that she shouldn’t sneak up on her, and that I don’t think Tigger actually wanted to hurt her – but Nicola was very very sad about the whole business.

Yesterday, my brother’s girlfriend K went through a terrible ordeal. She was merrily driving along, minding her own business when a very angry man in a white beamer forced her off the road. He told her that he was a police officer (unmarked car, no uniform, all by his lonesome – uhuh), and accused her of robbing a petrol station (putting gas in and driving away without paying). This is even more ridiculous if you know K…she doesn’t have it in her at all to get involved in any criminal activities. A real stand up girl.

She told him that her car was almost empty and it definitely wasn’t her and he started screaming all kinds of abuse at her. He wanted her to get out of her car and get into his but she refused. In the meantime she frantically started phoning people close by to see if someone could come and help her because this guy didn’t stop intimidating her and screaming at her. She said he was screaming so close that she was actually covered in spit!

Next thing a whole bunch of other cop cars pulled up and they surrounded her, she followed them in her own car back to the scene of the alleged crime, where the attendant told the police that it was a white car, not a yellow one like K’s. Still this guy was screaming like a banshee and threatening her, untill her brother-in-law arrived – then they were all as meak as little lambs and left her. No more screaming and threatening.

The other police did nothing to intervene throughout this whole debacle either.

Of course we are all quite concerned, because just a few weeks ago we saw a story on the TV where people were claiming that off duty police abducted them, threw them into boots and emptied their accounts before dumping them somewhere else, and that nothing was being done about this.

I am furious. If that had been me I would probably be in jail now, cause I would have punched him in the face for sure. Asshole.

I’m telling you about this because I want you all to be careful. If you don’t feel comfortable with the behaviour of police then rather stay in your car and call for help, or if you have to – insist on driving to the nearest police station in your own car. Do not get out. And don’t let them bully you into believing you have to.

How sad is it that this has become a country where I have to teach my daughter to be scared of the police, because they are a bunch of thugs with badges and guns?

The next thing to cause me drama was that we woke up to no bloody water again today. I am sick and tired of it. I know that some people live in areas where they have to carry water from a dirty river by bucket to where they want to have it, but I live in the biggest city in South Africa, in a well established suberb that has had running water for ages now. 

I do not live in the f-ing sticks and I am not a happy camper when I have to brush my teeth with the water left oevr in the bottom of my garden watering can from yesterday – what next? A bloody bird bath?! I want a hot steaming bath first thing in the morning. I want to be able to do the pile of dishes in my sink. And I need to do laundry, even if I don’t actually want to.

Also, it would be kind of awesome to be able to flush the toilet, if you know what I mean.

This is about the 8th time in the last 3 months that I haven’t had water. How many times can you fix a stupid pipe City of Johannesburg?! If it’s not on by the time I get home tonight, I am going to have a hissy fit of note. I might even brave a call centre to vent my frustrations, I might even go looking for that broken pipe and the genius who can’t get it working again. I might…have a stiff drink, go to bed early and try to let it go. I’ll see how the spirit moves me. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Grrrrrr! (I am in such a foul mood that I actually recheduled a QA session I was meant to have today. Poor guy wouldn’t have stood a chance, and that’s not fair).



  1. Having a swim with my brother and dad, and Creme Soda the dragon (recently renamed to Barbie again)
  2. Balancing act
  3. The hair we start off with every morning
  4. The hair I have to transform it into – and a big smile for me 🙂


  1. I love when you rant! I know it’s not funny… but it kind of is, to us 🙂

    K’s ordeal sounds terrible – that’s one of my fears. When authority turns into the bad guys.

    And good on you for moving the QA session – you’re right, it’s just not fair on them 😉

    Also I love N’s crazy hair – if you put an elastic band (the ones with material that won’t pull) on it, does it come off in the night or does it help to tame it?

    • I don’t mind if you find my ranting entertaining. 😉

      Usually I do a little pony on the top of her head and that stays in unless I wash it. It helps a bit, but not much. I used to braid it before bedtime but she doesn’t like that at the moment.

      The one thing I do try is to do it up in a way that it’s not hanging in her eyes all day long. Can’t pull that off without tying it up at the top since she has 3 crowns!

      Still…probably the prettiest hair I’ve ever seen on anyone. 😉

    • I think that the police thing must have been very scary indeed. It really pisses me off that they behave this way in general, but specifically that they behave like that towards someone they perceive to be a soft target (calmed right down the moment she wasn’t just a woman alone at their mercy).

      And correct me if I’m wrong, but are we not once again in the middle of that 16 days of activism against violence on women and children?

  2. That is such an awful ordeal your brother’s girlfriend went through 😦 And it’s more awful that no one have made a point to appologising to her, for accusing her wrongfully.
    Is she better today?

    • Yes she is. She just wants to put it all behind her now…we want to report it, not that it’s likely to help though.

  3. oh noooooo, hope she’s ok. That is scary and it is good to know, I will share this with all my friends. Sad when we can’t trust the police to take care of us…

    I love the princess’ morning hair. What many women would do to have hair that lush 🙂

    • She’s okay now, thanks! You’re right – Nicola’s hair is really lush…I think it’s gorgeous. 😀

  4. Wow, that is such a scary story. I braid the princess’ hair in the evenings- helps a lot but maybe N’s is a bit too short

  5. Ah man. What a horrible ordeal! A friend of mine had an experience similar to that. She just ignored them and drove straight to the nearest police station – said she felt scared and wondered if they were really policemen. They were policemen and luckily whatever issue they had was sorted out AT the station. In front of their bosses.
    And I DO love Nicola’s hair. It’s BEAUTIFUL.xx

  6. Cat, I used to braid Nicola’s hair too – but she won’t allow me to do it at the moment. At least it’s nice and short for summer now – much cooler and doesn’t knot.

    Julia, I’ve gotten a bit lippy with the police on occasion – but that sounds like a sensible way to deal with it. They once rocked up to one of my brother’s birthday parties. Everyone was just chilling outside, not causing any major whoop (brother had already passed out and been put to bed). The cops arrived, wanted to arrest him – and when i said they couldn’t they decided to confiscate the radio (which was already off). I made them fill out a declaration with their badge numbers and I tested the machine in front of them, they had to sign that it was in good working order before I would let them have it. They brought it back 15 minutes later and apologised. This after they stormed the place with guns and behaved like prats on their previous visit.

    I don’t like them.

  7. I’m sorry about the water drama… No power I can still make a plan about. Now water is intolerable.

    • It sucks… 😦

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