Bits and pieces

10 December , 2012


Nicola’s school is right next to a church, actually I think it’s sort of part of the church grounds. Anyhoo, they are busy making some repairs to the tower and have loads of scaffolding up at the moment (well away from the children, but clearly visible). Nicola is very excited about this. She tells me, “Look mommy, the tower is in a cage!” and “We have to rescue it!” Mwahaha! I have tried to explain to her what they’re busy with but she’s not falling for any of it. According to her the tower is in great peril and we need to save it.


Nicola’s birthday is on the 19th. Already we have a thing every year, when she sees the first mall Christmas tree go up she knows that her birthday is close…I actually think the two events kind of bleed together for her into one. Her teacher asked me repeatedly if I’m going to have a school party for her and I kept saying no. I’m having a proper home party for her and besides, her birthday is in the school holidays, but I usually send some cupcakes for any of the children who are in the holiday school the day before or the day after her birthday (on her actual birthday I take leave and we go on an adventure).

Last week Thursday her teacher stuck a crown on her head for the day and told her it’s her birthday. She loved it…me, not so much. Of course I had to give her gift when we got home, luckily I had some back up small things. “Mommy, it’s my birthday and I don’t have a present.” Can you just imagine? So now when I tell her about things we’re doing to prepare for her upcoming birthday party she tells me that she’s already had a party. Teacher Leigh-Anne gave her one at school. Grrrr! (She didn’t really, two other girls also have their birthdays in the holidays and the teacher had them all send stuff on the same day as she plonked a crown on Nicola’s head). I’ve tried explaining that sometimes you can have a school party and a home party, but Nicola remains unconvinced.


I bought Nicola some water wings over the weekend on a whim, and boy oh boy does she LOVE them! You actually have to see it to believe it how much. She doesn’t stop squealing and laughing while she has them on in the pool, and even though I stick close-by to keep an eye on her there should be no misunderstanding. I am NOT allowed to touch her because she can now swim by HERSELF! It’s so cute. Under the water there is a furious kicking and paddling going on, but above water all you see is a smile from ear to ear.


Nicola gave me her view on what a razor might be used for this weekend, hehehe…”Mens skrop die dorings daarmee af.” (You scrub the thorns off with it) – meaning stubble I suppose. That’s a pretty good description for it I think. 😉


As part of the party pack sweets I bought some chocolate coins. Nicola of course wants them as soon as she sees them and I gave her one to eat while I was busy packing. She was supposed to take it to my mom to open it for her but the next thing I heard was her dropping it into the piggy bank (that’s going to my reward to the teller when I go bank all that change over the holidays I think). And then she wanted another… 😆 so I said she can have it, but it’s for eating, not for banking. She assured me that his tummy was now full so the next one would be for her – isn’t that cute?


I got a gift from Tamara, which I completely forgot to tell you about. It’s so great! There’s a crocodile shaped stapler in it, a photo frame that I can decorate with washi tape, and a WTF stamp from the Typo store. I told Steamcleaner that she may use my stamp if she wants to, we’re both itching to stamp something with it – maybe one of the QA forms for the next secret agent who fails to file their secret documents. 😉 Thanks again Tamara, I love it!


We had a really nice weekend. I had a majopr shopping morning in Friday. Nicola’s school closed at 13:00 so that gave me plenty of time to go do all the party shopping and the last of the Christmas shopping, in peace. I was also very pleasantly surprised to see most of the shops open at 08:00 already instead of their usual 09:00, very sneaky but well appreciated. That gave me an hour at home to put my feet up before I had to go pick up the pink terrorist. Most appreciated…

I better start planning our grand adventure for her birthday too. We’ve done a big screen movie, and World of Birds – not sure what I’m going to come up with for this year but i’m sure I’ll think of something.



  1. I would also be pissed at that teacher for interfering in my plans for my child’s birthday. It’s not her place and none of her business and for her to tell your child that it’s her birthday when it’s not is simply not okay. It creates expectations in the child and can lead to confusion as to when it actually is her birthday.
    On the one hand, I’d be tempted to let it go – after all, what harm is there in making your child feel special? But then again, it’s not her place and can create confusion and set a precedent which leads to the child having certain expectations, which the parent may or may not be in a position to meet. Not okay, IMHO…

    Love the WTF stamp idea – you’ll have to post a pic of something appropriately stamped! 🙂

    • Yeah, I wasn’t impressed either with that stunt. I will definitely get to stamp something this week. 😉

  2. I also am not impressed with the teacher! Say something before it eats at you more…

    Speaking of typo, I decided to return the ipad bag. It cost R250 and you have to jiggle and wiggle to get the ipad in and out and it’s not worth all the schlep. for that amount of money it should fit nicely, right?

    (on D’s list of errands for the week!)

    I can’t wait to see the stamp!

    • I did talk to her…but it’s not like you can undo what’s been done. I’m not going to let it eat me up, believe me. 😉 *letting it go in 3, 2, 1 * done.

      I agree! For that price it really should fit properly.

  3. LOL…I NEED to get a stamp like that. Must say I’m not that sold on Typo. They have lovely stuff but I do find them ridiculously overpriced. Don’t even think I’ll make that trek for a sale or anything.
    I would also have been VERY annoyed with the teacher. I’m sure no harm was meant but it can cause confusion and set a precedent.

    • I haven’t been to the Typo store either. Closest one here is in Sandton…could just as well have been in Bloemfontein. I never go to Sandton. I couldn’t even track down a local website but I found one for Aus…looks interesting, but not the kind of place where I could shop with my almost 3 year old.

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