Monday…1,2,3 go!

4 December , 2012

It’s been all kinds of crazy around here so I didn’t get a chance to write yesterday about this past weekend…let me catch you up quickly:

  • I didn’t get everything on my to-do list done (I sort of expected that really). Both trees went up (photos to follow in a separate post), I donated blood, I got the secret santa shopping done (with the help of my mom – thanks Mom!), and I did our monthly big shop for groceries at least. Not bad going – I’m pretty happy with what I got checked off.
  • We went to visit our friend Tamara, and her bubby J (Mr. Doodles? Tamara, I forget now what nickname you gave him on your blog – sorry). Poor Mr. Doodles got quite a work-out with Nicola because he was pushing her around in a wheelbarrow. For miles and miles I tell you! I got exhausted just looking at them go. Nicola loved every second of it of course. Nicola surprised everyone by turning down ice cream in favour of a home grown tomato from Tamara’s garden (this must have sparked something, cause she hasn’t stopped eating tomatoes since then…think along the lines of 20 cherry tomatoes a night AFTER dinner. I’m all out of tomatoes, I’ll have to go buy some more today).
  • On Sunday we tried out a new church. I suppose it would have been okay but they’re not running their children’s programmes during the holiday so we ended up sitting in the mother’s room in the main church. And it was an extra long service because they were christening 7 babies. Nicola was not charmed at all and after she figured out that we got to go outside every time she needed the ladies room, she made me go three times in half an hour. Eventually when she said she wanted to go again, I asked her if she wanted to leave and we left early before the service was over. She enjoyed the singing bits in the beginning but really her attention span is not there yet for a full grown up service. We’ll try them again after the holidays to see what they do in terms of the children’s service and then decide?
  • After church we went to my parents’ place. Someone was feeling a bit peckish and desperately wanted to try out whatever was in the container with the blue lid. It was dates – and I could not for the life of me see her actually eating one but we gave her one to try anyway. My dad actually gave it a proper squeeze to see if the pip was already removed but I hazarded a guess that she wouldn’t get that far into it in any case. She took one bite…her face was priceless…totally not what she was expecting (I think she thought it might be a giant raisin)…”That’s disgusting!” everything spat up again into her hand. Mwahaha! I agree completely – can’t stand the taste of them either. My dad and I were laughing so hard when she said that!
  • I am in the final throws of Nicola’s party planning. You might remember that I said we’d be inviting some of her school friends this year too. Can you believe NONE of them can make it? Most are on holiday already and two of them have their own parties on the same day. I’m okay with it though, since we’ve pretty much got a full house already with the other non-school friends, but I would have liked at least her bestie who is leaving at the end of this year to come. Anyhoo, it will still be a great party! I’m buying the sweets and what-not all this coming Friday, and then the prep work can really start.
  • Last night I didn’t feel like cooking at all (or eating for that matter), so I got a pizza for us to share. When we got home I said to Nicola that I just needed to go get the laundry from the machine to bring it in for drying and that I’d come and sort out the food in just a minute. While I was in the garage i hear the clang of plates being treated roughly and I think, great – I’m not going to have any plates left when I get inside…but to my surprise she did it perfectly! When I got in I found Nicola in the kitchen, two glass plates on the counter, pizza box empty on the floor, and the pizza divided exactly in half between the two plates. I’m so impressed with her for getting all that done on her own without me even asking or helping out. (I took a photo, so I’ll put it up with the trees in a bit for you to see).

Right. Back to the salt mines for now. I need to get a lot of stuff done quickly, and I still want to slip out over lunch time to go send the secret santa gift if I can too.

Ps! I am already starting to see some school holiday traffic. Cannot wait to see the ghost town version of Johannesburg that’s coming! 🙂



  1. Nicola driving our parked car
  2. Hat modeling – I actually got her that hat while she wasn’t looking (it will reappear under the tree in due time)
  3. Pretty little hands


  1. very pretty hands and I love the hat too!

    love your little server. I cooked stirfry for all of us on sunday night – the kids were too cute!

    things are super-crazy this time of year but are you taking cinnamon and raisin bread orders at all? (doesn’t hurt to ask – pse don’t feel pressured).

    you’re seen my to-do list – activities out the yazoo 🙂 🙂

    • I could easily be convinced to make on for you Marcia 😉

  2. thanks! I’ll take you up on it!

  3. Oh she is a very cute little helper

    • Best ever! And soooo eager. 🙂

  4. Very cute little helper indeed. Love the pics. We also looking at trying out new churches. Hope you find one that you both enjoy.

    • Thanks, I think we’ll start the search up again properly in the new year when all their children’s programmes starts again.

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