Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow – not the flowers, the actual days

30 November , 2012


I went on a wine tasting evening last night with my dad, brother and K. It was buckets of fun and we got to taste plenty! Had some fun with the promoters, some took it better than others – and we got invited to join some or another wine tasting club next year by lovely people we met in the passages (of Makro, where this tasting was held).

The winner of the evening though was the very unlikely Tangled Tree wines, especially the Cab which was fabulous. It has a bet less alcohol in it than a regular wine, really easy drinking stuff. It comes in a plastic bottle! (I know right, what next?) so it’s ideal for camping and such – or places that don’t allow glass bottles. It costs only something silly like R27 a bottle! But the best part is really that it tastes good.

Anyhoo, we had a lot of fun, go try it if you’re feeling broke but adventurous. We also quite enjoyed the Simonsig Shiraz and the Noble Hill Cabernet Sauvignon, if you’re not feeling that broke or the plastic bottle thing is just too much for you. 😉

Yesterday was also a big day for Nicola. We got her report card from school. I am so proud of my little girl. She did fantastic! They rate everything from 1 to 5, 1 need attention, 2 below standard, 3 on standard, 3 good, 5 exceptional. She didn’t have anything below 3 and quite a few 4’s and 5’s too. A very good report! And we also got a lovely workbook with all the art work they used for the assessments in it.


I was very unpopular with the pink terrorist this morning. At the risk of over-sharing (ah, who am I kidding – this is my blog, that’s what it’s there for?) let me paint you a picture.

Madam was digging through the bathroom cabinet “looking for something” (she does that a lot these days and will only know what that something is once she lays eyes on it). She came across a packet of sanitary pads.

“Mamma, is die jou doekies?” (are these your nappies)

“Ja Nicola.” (Yes Nicola)

“Kan ek ook een kry?” (Can I have one too?)

“Nee Nicola” (No Nicola)

“WHAAAAH! Jy wil nie met my deel nie!” (WHAAAAAH! You don’t want to share with me!)

 All this followed by door slamming and shouting at me to leave her alone when I tried to explain that those are not for little girls but only for mommies.


We have a lot on our to-do list for this weekend, especially tomorrow.

  • Do grocery shopping – this isn’t negotiable, must happen tomorrow morning latest
  • Go to Capitec with piggy bankd – might push this to Sunday since they are open then
  • Go donate blood – going to try and get to that this afternoon actually
  • Put up our Christmas tree
  • Put up my parents’ Christmas tree
  • Go do secret santa shopping
  • Go do family Christmas shopping – this can still be pushed a little bit (still 25 days to go) 😉
  • Wrapping and card making
  • If we’re lucky maybe a swim or two – although I see we’re expecting cool-ish weather again this weekend, so maybe not
  • Bake cookies with my mom! – maybe this will get bumped too because her feet hurt so much



  1. Sleeping like an absolute angel
  2. Having a picnic with her dragon (was initially called creme Soda, but has since been renamed Barbie)
  3. Reading the dragon a bed time storie

Hope you all have a super productive/creative/restful/exciting/relaxing weekend (depending on your individual preferences). 😉



  1. bwahahaha at the nappies!! Fun times!!!!

    • Hahaha! I didn’t see that comibg at all. 😉

  2. Hey, your list sounds like mine!! Xmas shopping done – some; Tree up this morning; Mom’s up on Thursday; baking cookies this arvy; did washing (no nanny this week); got a hello kitty cake to bake tomorrow; making lists for grocery shopping – aaaargh – my absolute pet hate.

    • How did the Hello Kitty cake turn out? I try not to bake…that way everyone can actually eat it. 😉

      • Actually, not too bad – travelled in the back of a Fortuner, all the way to somewhere in the Northern Cape.

  3. hahaha….I DID have a good laugh at your nappies. Sjoe. You had a long to-do list for this past weekend. Did you at least manage some of what you had planned? Mmmm…I think that you and I have very similar taste in wine. LOVE that Simonsig Shiraz that you refer to. Am going to have a look for the other ones you mentioned.

    • I got some done, but not all of it. The trees went up, secret santa shopping done, donated blood and did grocery shopping. Not yet to all the rest.

    • Go try the wine! And let me know if you liked it.

  4. LOL – that conversation between yourself and Nicola is exactly the one I had with my daughter as well. Now that she stopped using nappies, she can’t understand why I still need to wear “doekies.” 🙂
    Glad you had so much fun on the wine tasting – something I too would not mind doing as well.

    • Hahaha, these children! I always thought she’d be a bit older before we needed to start chatting about those. 😉

      This was the second wine tasting we’ve been to at Makro. Always very well organised. Do you have one close by? Maybe check with them if they do something similar for next year? It is a lot of fun.

  5. Not sure about the Cab in a plastic bottle thing though….

    • Go try it…R27…not much to lose if you hate it (I was properly prepared to hate it, but I didn’t). 😉

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