Oom Alberts’ birthday

30 November , 2012

There are quite a few photos in this post so I’ll post today’s ramble seperately. These are a few of my favourites from my uncle’s surprise birthday party a few weeks ago.

  1. The cake my mom baked (and Nicola re-decorated) 😉
  2. Nicola
  3. My mom and her sister
  4. They switched on sprinklers on the roof to cool the venue down and the children enjoyed the water feature thoroughly!
  5. Nicola and her beloved Creme Soda
  6. Nicola after the mullberries
  7. Chasing ducks through the cactii
  8. Nicola and Justin playing
  9. Investigating the ants goings-on (until one bit her between her toes, that was the end of it)
  10. Nicola looking pensive
  11. Asking questions
  12. Special birthday song serenades by my cousin, my uncle and my dad
  13. Oom Albert and the children blow out the candle
  14. My mom, R & K
  15. My mom R and me
  16. My cousin A and his girlfriend L (shame poor girl, her Afrikaans has really had to come along since she joined the family – when I first met her she didn’t speak or understand a word of it!) 😉


A very good time was had by all! 😀



  1. Cool set of photos. Looks like it was a lekker party.

    • It was, we had a great time!

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