Time to empty this week’s to-write-about list

29 November , 2012

I do actually have a little list on my phone that i keep updated with things I still want to write about. If you’re wondering why/how I something (okay often) string together such a wild collection of unrelated topics – that’s my secret (or downfall, depending on if you like that kind of thing or not).

Let’s do the photos first:

  1. Helping Ouma bake a birthday cake for Oom Albert a few weeks ago
  2. We can’t send a cake into the world without quality testing it, now can we? (little known fact, the pink terrorist will happily eat an entire bowl of cake batter if you let her – but she will not eat cake once it’s been baked)
  3. Snoozy photo – looks like she’s deep in thought there, doesn’t it? 😉


Right!Now for the list:

The things they say:

Having a little person is in some aspects very similar to having a parrot. You get to hear a lot of your own sayings said back to you. Sometimes even the context is right. It’s always a bit surprising when you hear something that you wouldn’t anticipate out of an almost 3-year old. Well, for me it is anyway.

Last night I got a, “Suit yourself Mamma.” out of Nicola when I said no thanks to something. This is the one I sometimes use before I walk away to count to 10 on days where she just wakes up disagreeing on principle with EVBERYTHING! 😆

The things they do:

My mom is in severe pain at the moment. Some or another doctor stopped some of her chronic meds and her feet have swollen up, and won’t stop doing it. If you’ve been pregnant, you know how much fun the swollen feet thing can be, so she has all my sympathy.

Last night Nicola was trying to climb my mom like a jungle gym and we asked her to be gentle because Ouma’s feet are very sore and she’s trying to keep them up to see if it will help a bit.

First Nicola climbed up anyway, claiming that her feet are very sore too…but then she got down and whipped my mom’s slippers off to have a look at these painful feet herself. She didn’t spot any bleeding or bruising, so she said, “Ouma, jou voete is beter. Hier’s nie ‘n eina nie!” and when we tried to explain to her how it works she gave my mom a kiss on each of her feet to make her feel better. 🙂

If that doesn’t help then i’m not sure what will?

Money, money, money…

Last year I opened an account for Nicola with Capitec Bank. We’ve been very happy with the service we get there and I EFT some money in there every month for some far in the future one-day when she will start being in charge of her own money matters and so on.

Nicola also has a gazillion piggy banks where she puts coin change into. some at our place, some at my parents’ place. It’s probably time for us to go bank all of that before those specific coins go out of circulation completely. 😉

Recently I have heard all kinds of horror stories from friends and colleagues who have tried to bank change and been made to jump through all kinds of hoops by the other banks (I’m looking at you Standard Bank and ABSA!). K had R1500 in change that she tried to bank a week or so ago for instance. She had already split the money into the different denominations and counted it, but the bank teller told her that they refuse to count the money and it doesn’t count if she counted it before coming. He made her count out all that money again and pack it into speciffied amounts in little bags in front of him.

Excuse me…What the fuck?! (pardon my translation) You had better believe if someone is charging me a 1% cash handling fee – they are going to be the ones handling the cash. O_o

I do not know if we will get the same treatment at Capitec Bank, but as soon as we get round to going there (hopefully some time this coming weekend) I will let you know. I asked them on twitter but perhaps my question wasn’t clear enough, so I haven’t had an answer yet.

I suppose if I was inclined to take the path of least resistance I could just go to Pick ‘n Pay and swop it for paper money before going to the bank. I don’t often find myself on that path though – so let’s see what happens. (Dear Capitec, whom I’ve grown rather fond of, please do not fail me now).

Adios to the one previously known as Snake-In-The-Grass:

He finally had his very last bloody farewell party this week! Whoop! Goodbye and good luck!

I am trying not to find this funny though (because it is actually pretty rude), but the Snake was always well known for RSVP-ing to meetings and then just not bothering to pitch (rude hey?). So visualise this: 71 people RSVP-ed to his last farewell (last of 3 or 4 I think) and only 20 showed up. They pulled a vanishing snake move on the vanishing snake! Mwahaha! 😆

Not me though, I straight up declined the invite. My parents taught me better manners than that. if i say i’m coming, then I’m coming – or not as the case may be.

Blood, the gift of life and so on:

When I come across the people from the SANBS (hope I’m using the right abbreviation for the blood bank here) I usually offer them a pint. I just make more, so it’s not a big deal to me – and I’m not particularly fussed about needles or the sight of blood either.

Anyhoo, they have been bombarding me with SMSs this week about running low on the good stuff. I think they are very low on reserves…this is a giant problem because as you know we’re heading into the December holidays which has traditionally been the messiest on our roads. The amount of people who die in car accidents each and every year on their way to what would have been a holiday is truly frightening. It would be even more without the blood bank standing by with reserves for those who need it!

I’m going to give my bit over the weekend, why don’t you do the same? Find out where your closest collection point is here, and do the right thing. It won’t take anything away from your quality of life at all, but it might save someone else’s. My dad will be donating his 100th bag this weekend and he’s still in perfect health…JUST GO DO IT!

Please. (You know it could be your nearest and dearest who ends up needing it)



  1. Nedbank accepted all my coins without a prob…i put them in the denominations and they just weighed them….so good luck with Capitec…

    • Thanks – I hope they do too.

  2. Thanks for sharing the detail about the blood donation, I heard the plea on the radio and thought I would do it, but I never know where one can donate. I will see if I can even convince my sis to also donate -can’t remember if she is scared of needles or not.

    Oh my word, Nicola is so so so so funny. You can’t be too careful what you say in front of kids and this just proves that theory right.

    I hope Ouma’s feet is better now that the little princess has given it kisses and some loving, what a sweet and caring little girl. Hope your mum is better though? Why did the doctor ask her to stop taking the meds?

    I would have made the cashier count the coins if I was in your friend’s shoes, that is what they get paid to do, unless the cashier and manager can show me a bold sign saying that they are not meant to count it. I would think that in this age and time there should be a coin counting machine (just saying)

    • My mom’s feet aren’t really getting any better – from what I can see. i’m actually really worried about her. The doctors are always fiddling with her meds for some reason or another. I don’t think they realise how important the balance is between them all.

      I am most definitely going to make them count the money. Hopefully they won’t make me do it the hard way.

  3. WTF! That is the teller’s work … to count that money. How can they refuse??? I will not move until they have done so or demand the manager of the branch. That’s outrageous.

    • Exactly! And if I only heard it from one person I would have still though the teller was just being full of crap – but I’ve heard this from a couple of different people concerning different banks and branches.

  4. love the to write about list!!!

    and let me tell you, I HATE it when people accept meetings and don’t pitch. I chase them down afterwards!

    We now have a thing here where we say that kind of behaviour is not the “secret company x” way 🙂

    • I think it’s very rude. If you can’t go (or want to) just say no. Often someone has catered for these missing people, or decisions can’t be taken because key stakeholders just didn’t bother to pitch. It’s disgusting and very unprofessional really.

  5. Did you come right with Capitec?
    I really wish that our snake in the grass can just move on to snakier pastures already!
    I used to be a blood donor and then I stopped because every single time my iron levels were too low – even though I’d been eating properly. It started to become embarrassing to be turned away every time! Maybe I should try again. My DH usually goes although he hasn’t gone in ages. They are always hunting down his blood because he’s type O-neg. Think I will make him go ASAP.

    • I didn’t get round to it…I’ll put it on the to-do list again for this weekend. 😉

      I stopped going for a couple of years too. I had a squabble with them because they turned me and a bunch of colleagues away after they begged for donations on the radio in 2006. Apparently it takes 3 nurses to revive one feinted girl?!

      I said they could have my blood again if they came to fetch it…which they did this year at my work. So now we’re all good again.

  6. Hubby donates regularly – he is B -, I have a slumbering auto immune disease so cant . If you pack your change the right way in bags, they just weigh it. Remember old and new R5 coins do not weigh the same so must be in different bags

    • I’ll keep that in mind, thanks! Hopefully I’ll get time to do this over this holiday period.

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