Find some joy in rainy days

28 November , 2012

Yes, yes – I know it’s not raining today per se (not here anyway), but work with me here!

My mom bought Nicola her very own umbrella a few weeks ago and she loves it! Here are a few of the pics from the first day she got to try it out outside (if you’re my fb buddy you’ll probably have seen some of these already – not often that any of my photo posting is that up to date).


In this last one you can see that she actually prefers to drag it along after her like a tail while it rains merrily on her head.

Still fun though… 😉



  1. Awwww…

    Her excitement is evident.

    Well, it’s her umbrella to do with as she pleases

  2. Really, the fascination with an umbrella is endless. I now have to turn on the spriklers in the evevning for the sprogs to play with their umbrellas.

  3. MrsFF, indeed! 🙂

    Cat, hahaha! We haven’t reached that stage yet – I do hope no one gives her any ideas about it.

  4. I need to get an umbrella for my kids too. After seeing this post of yours and the one of Marcia, I MUST get my kids some umbrellas too. Seems like kids love them.

    • I haven’t come across one who doesn’t yet! 😉

  5. Ah….LOVE these. She is too excited and that’s just awesome!

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