Payday…and not a moment too soon!

27 November , 2012

I was all set to place some orders, as soon as this day rolled by again – whoop! Just finished paying and ordering the personalised calendars, and now all fingers crossed that they arrive on time for Christmas. 😀 I’m not going to tell you yet where I ordered them from, but if they come out as good as I hope they will I’ll let you know.

Lots to do, unfortunately still a lot of it involves malls. When do the school holidays begin? I could do with some good traffic again.

At the moment I can’t get through a trip without coming across a road block. Definitely Metro cop bonus season too, right? Luckily I don’t get pulled over (no outstanding fines, and I drive like an old lady), but they still cause a fair amount of havoc for the traffic “flow” – and people drive like idiots in plain site of the traffic police with nothing being done to them, so I don’t really see the point.



  1. Not in fact kissing (or hugging) the tree – she’s playing hide and seek with me. 😉
  2. School concert – I’m sure you cans pot the bunny who refused to wear the ears, right?
  3. Nicola with my brother after the concert.

Oh yes, and I wanted to tell you about some cute:

  • Nicola has a LARGE collection of stuffed toys. every now and then we swop what’s out and about with what i keep in a box, so it’s practically a new toy and an old favourite and she loves it all over again. Flavour of the week is a Unicorn/Pegasis type horsey one. He’s white with shiny green wings and a horn of course. Nicola does not call him a Unicorn…he’s a hennie-con, and apparently he’s so hungry for ice cream! Last night I actually had to put half her food in a separate plate for him (luckily his tummy was full after one dip and Nicola ate the rest).
  • Over the weekend we saw some or another cartoon with a dragon in it…think it was Jake and the Neverland Pirates. They kept reffering to it as “The mighty dragon!”. Nicola now calls it the nighty dragon. Too cute! I keep imagining a dragon with frilly pajamas on for some reason.
  • Oi! People of Disney! Can you stop making stories with evil trees?! Seriously.


  1. Oh U can hardly wait for the holidays too…. (SOme schools start closing from this Friday – officially next Friday) And the Princess has the very same hennie-con

  2. Very cute – without the bunny ears and the unicorn toy! Good that you are recording it! 😀

  3. gorgeous little bunny and what’s pay day again? 🙂 Mine was so long ago and is swallowed by a gorgeous little white device charging next to me!

  4. fashionista Nicola (or was she just being stubborn) 😉

    I definitely now believe this thing about kids thinking if they can’t see you, they assume they are hiding properly 🙂

    You ever caring Nicola at least now her hennie-con is not hungry again hopefully

  5. Love the photo of your daughter and her uncle.
    I can’t wait for those mornings, where there is absolutely NO traffic at all. That’s a great Christmas present it self to moa.

  6. I really like the pic with her and your brother. My pay day came and went. I’m now waiting for my DH’s one this weekend. Because I have to pay for stuff I ordered online – stuff sitting in a basket waiting to be checked out.
    And I cannot wait for the school holidays either.

  7. Cat, I can.not wait for school holiday traffic. 😀 One of the very best reasons to stay in JHB over December as far as I’m concerned.

    Karen, thank you. 🙂

    Marcia, I am so happy for you that you have your new device at last! When do you guys get paid then? Ours is on the 27th or the Thursday before if it falls on a weekend.

    MrsFF, just being stubborn I think. 😉 Last night the Hennie-con wasn’t hungry, but all the other toys needed to have their own plates and nibbles of her dinner. It’s making a lot of extra washing up for me, but it is cute so I’ll let her run with it for a bit – and besides she grabs a brush/sponge and “helps” out with the washing up so that helps.

    blackhuff, I love that photo too – I actually picked it for one of the months in the personalised calendar I ordered. 😀

    Julia, *sigh* two paychecks…nice! I like that photo too, they actually get on very well – it’s cute to see them play together. He doesn’t need an iguana to pull off the godfather look hey? 😉

  8. we get paid on the 20th or if on a sunday, then the 19th. very early. I mostly pretend I haven’t been paid til the 25th (D’s payday) but the iDevice caused the exception this month

    • That’s almost as early as the banks!

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