Soooo tired!

26 November , 2012

We had a pretty cool weekend, but I am so tired I am battling to keep my eyes open. We have sadly definitely seen the last of the afternoon nap it seems.

So what did we get up to:

  • Remember I said that i cut Nicola’s hair? Well, make that twice. I realised Friday that the back hair was considerably longer than the sides and trimmed them all again. Now it looks perfectly even, but someone better stop me now before she ends up bald! (I’ll show you in a separate post)
  • Saturday morning we went window shopping with my mom and gran. Holey macaroni but the shops are bloody busy! For me this was supposed to be a little scouting trip to see where I needed to go after I had actual money again, but I didn’t see much that interested me…so I supect there will be some more of this in my near future. *sigh*
  • Saturday evening Nicola stayed with my parents while I went to go have a few cocktails with Sunshine. It was fantastic. We had some things called Mama Rosa’s – I can’t recall exactly what goes into them but they are pink and are presented with a rose petal floating on top of them when you get them. Delicious! Also, it was really nice having some grown up chat without having to keep one eye on a jungle gym or trying to get someone to “eat something”. Extremely relaxing really.
  • Sunday late morning I went through to Gilroy’s brewery for Angel and Glugs’ birthdays bash. Nicola was originally going to come along but decided that she wanted to stay with my mom at number 99. I got to see a couple of people who I haven’t seen in ages and meet a few new interesting ones too. I had some of the house beer (which wasn’t half bad either) and then went to go run a few errands for my mom before heading home.
  • As you see I didn’t do any swimming (it rained for most of the parts where I had wanted to do that, so it’s okay)
  • Altogether though, a lovely weekend.
  • This morning I had to give myself a serious push to get up and get going. I could have slept all day if someone left me to it.
  • I saw someone get run over in traffic this morning. A man and a woman decided to cross the street (you know, jay-walking style). A bike happened to be going down that lane when they decided to cross it. He hooted and tried to swerve out of the way. He missed the guy, but the lady made a run for it in the wrong direction and they went arse over head over bike and didn’t get up again while I could see them. It was just spares and shoes flying everywhere. I do hope that they’re both okay.
  • Unpredictable pedestrains, please use the proper pedestrain crossings (this was a 50 meter difference for this case) or if you really can’t be bothered then at least look left and right before you cross the road (or just left in this case because it was three lanes all travveling in the same direction). A stupid accident that could have easily been avoided if people followed the rules of the road.



  1. Modeling a pretty dress my mom bought for her
  2. And enjoying it
  3. Playing Dora on her Leappad
  4. Pantihose – always ripping and sagging where you don’t need them to 😉 (these were taken right off my mom’s feet for Nicola to try on over her shorts!)


  1. I know! I’m SOOO tired. Actually glad to get to work to “relax” a bit!

    your weekend was full and good job on the haircut – she’ll love not having all that hair in this heat and it will be long again for winter! win win win!

    • Thanks Marcia! I think it came out great. 🙂

  2. Oh I am exhausted too – and that dress is fantastic.

    • It’s cute hey? For some reason it reminds me of Alice in wonderland.

  3. Such a pretty dress. I love the third picture with the reflection of the tablet light on her face. Very beautiful

    • I have one with the flash on too, but this one is definitely the cooler of the too. 😉

  4. Awww…the pics are beautiful and well done on the haircut. Was also exhausted yesterday and it didn’t help that I was feeling under the weather.
    I personally think that at least half of the accidents are caused by pedestrians who don’t know how to cross the roads. I can knock over AT LEAST 4 people every day.
    And how awesome that you had a proper grown up friend date?

    • Grown-up friend dates are fantastic! As Sunshine puts it though, she’s very protective of her private time these days so she doesn’t like spending it with people unless she really likes them – I wholheartedly agree with that. 😀

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