It’s Thursday, right?

22 November , 2012

This week is zipping past. Not that I’m complaining mind you, every day is one day closer to pay day – and I will be very happy to see that day come around this month (I suppose like every month, but especially this one).

Yesterday we had a town hall session with the big cheeses I mentioned. Most of it was bla bla bla, this is what we think is important, bla bla bla. The usual way these things go really. I do like the big cheese from the very head office, don’t really know the division big cheese that well and he didn’t squaak a word yesterday either – so no change there. What I like about the very big cheese (let’s call him Cheese-One) is that he is always smiling. When he talks you can see that he is genuinely passionate about this industry and the way it’s supposed to work in a perfect world. He is so positive that he almost makes you want to break out in song (yodeling). When I look at him talking I can very easily imagine him playing a role inThe Sound of Music (but wearing lederhosen).

Yes, I know – I’m odd.

AgentSmith (which I am contemplating renaming Lopsy – don’t ask me why) had set up this town hall session with as much pretension as one might except (TheMeerkat went the complete opposite way when he ran the show. Realising that you can’t outpomp where these cheeses come from he had them drumming in a massive tent with the locals the last time they were here – which they seemed to enjoy thoroughly!).

Seriously, this was live streaming to every staff lounge of the secret place in the country (and we’ve been told we can even get a recording of it if we want). They had set up a stage with two ridiculous looking couches (never before seen couches, so I wonder if part of our cost saving drive included their purchase just for the occasion?). The stage reminded me a bit of an Oprah show set-up…I was half tempted to look under my chair (okay, I confess…I looked, there was nothing).

Cheese-One however impressed me by not sitting down (on the ridiculous couch), taking live questions that could be SMS-ed anonymously from floating iPads, and by the lovely personal story he told us about his time in the army when he realised that there are always things to be thankful for, and something pretty even in the worst of situation (in this story it was a particularly beautiful sunrise over the snow covered mountains after almost 80 hours of hard PT). I am a big fan of pretty sunrises, this really spoke to me on some level. I like that such a big cheese can rate something so simple so highly, I find that very revealing.

In fact, except for not finding anything under my chair – I actually rather enjoyed the whole show. Cheese-One is top quality Mozarella in my book! 😉



  1. A rare occasion of taking a photo without Nicola trying to dodge the camera.
  2. Helping Ouma make a peppermint crisp tart
  3. It really is true – girls are from venus! Demonstrated here by Nicola lying on top of a picture of venus, as you see.


  1. LOL about her on the picture of Venus. This is beyond funny 🙂
    The work things sounds so funny as well and so entertaining. Glad you’re enjoying it 🙂

    • The venus thing cracked me up too 😉

  2. And doing yoga, as you see….
    OH and the big cahuna cheese sounds great – as to agent Smith, well, ok,. let me bite my tongue here. But an …. stays and ….

    • My thoughts exactly. 😉

  3. Nicola is growing up very fast. That first picture of her is beautiful and she looks like a little hair model.

    Ouma’s little helper 🙂

    Your office townhall (or employee forum as they prefer to call it these days in my office) sounds the same, it is a lot of blab la bla and more bla bla bla and anytime we have a “big cheese” from Europe or US we have to have one. Most people only attend because there is usually some food afterwards and the bigger the cheese the better the food 😉

    • At least you get food afterwards! We couldn’t even get a glass of water for three hours before.

      And thank you, she really has lovely hair (even after I cut it – I must stick a photo up so you can see)

  4. Joh – but that must have been a big tart!! Sitting with 18 tins of caramel myself – I withdrew from a big cake order, after realising that I just could not pull it off with my little Defy in the December heat. But at least I got them on special for R14.99 each!!

    • Yip, actually two big tarts. One was for my uncle and one was for home. We had PLENTY. 18 tins? What are you going to do with them now? I suppose they last quite a while though so you could just do many little things with them instead.

      • Yes, I have been systematically working through a few of them with a tespoon. I figure – why waste time on baking something with caramel on, when I can just eat it straight out the tin?

  5. LOL..we have way too many cheeses in my workplace. And they are all stinky and mouldy!

    • It’s a common problem Julia. 😉

  6. Ros, I like the way you think! 😀

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