And then there was…no water!

21 November , 2012

We had another 30’C odd day yesterday – I think someone actually said 34! When I got home I was surprised with no bloody water – “great”. This is probably about the 4th time in the last couple of months that our area has been without water for a day. At Nicola’s school they didn’t have any either so the school bought 10 cooler refills so that they could give some to the children to drink, do the cooking and at least flush the loos a couple of times.

Man alive! After such a hot day I really needed a nice bath to get unsticky, but what can you do? At about 21:00 the water sort of came on (first time since 8:00). There was no pressure though. I managed to trickle out enough to fill the kettle (must have my coffee in the morning) and for an extremely shallow bath for the both of us. There still wasn’t enough water for laundry though, so I though I’d check again in the morning. At 3:00 the taps were dry, but at 5:00 they seemed to come alive enough to run the washing mashine quickly at least.

It always happens when there’s a heat wave though, doesn’t it?

Anyhoo, in our shallow bath I noticed that Nicola had a rough day at school yesterday. Her back is full of scratches and she’s got someone’s teeth marks on her one leg. Grrr! I of course cornered the teacher about this this morning. They’re pulling the tapes for this week until they can show me who bit my child and where she got the scratches from. When the teacher asked Nicola who bit her, she named one of the boys in her class. The teacher said she doesn’t believe that because apparently this kid has never bitten anyone. This led to me pointing out that Nicola can’t exactly bite herself on the leg now can she? And they better find out who did. Not because I particularly care who bit her (they all go through these phases at some point), what I really want to know is why nobody knows about it. That’s why I’m making them look…

Oh, and on the matter of school – but not injuries. I got all of Nicola’s art-work from the second half of the year this week. The one page made me laugh. It was blank except for one little doodle in the corner. The teacher made a note at the top to the tune of, “Nicola did not want to colour in today. This is all that she was willing to do after and hour and a half.” The reason why this made me laugh is not because I enjoy her not co-operating with the teacher…nope, I just think it’s cool that she’s obviously at home enough there to let her stubborn show too. The putting down of foot is perhaps slightly misguided, but at least she’s not scared to do it when she feels strongly about something. 😉

Then lastly a bit of secret place goings on: We are expecting big cheeses from two different countries here today. The whole place is vibrating in anticipation. They’ve rigged up all kinds of equipment for some sort of speech this afternoon. I remember the last time one of those cheeses came round the guy had about 12 personal body guards with hime (which we all thought was a bit excessive to ward against papercuts). Anyhoo, bound to be entertaining at least.



  1. Nicola and her bestie D from school
  2. Giving herself kisses in my car’s rear view mirror (she does this thing at the moment where she says “Gorgeous!” every time she happens to spot herself in a mirror, followed by loads of smooches) 😀
  3. Snoozy photo


  1. Crikey! How did you guys cope?

    We’ve only not had water here (we’ve been in this house 7 years) once due to a burst pipe on the Main Street. And it was he’ll. d and I going to our gyms to shower….. Filling bottles at my friends house who lived above the Main Street. Thankfully, before babies.

    But we do have fairly regular power outages which freak me out because they’re always in winter and there goes the eating out budget 🙂

    • It was crap…but I tried to focus on it being (hopefully) temporary. I have new respect for people who have to get their water with a bucket from the nearest well or stream.

      • yesterday I gave the kids a LONG talk about not wasting water and how other people have to go fetch water with buckets…….. Connor has this new thing where he holds his finger over the spout and the water splashes everywhere – he thinks it’s huge fun (well, it is if you don’t have to be anywhere in a hurry because you’ll have to change out of those wet clothes). Well, we made him mop up the bathroom! Yes, I’m that mother!

  2. No water!!!! I cant even think about it!!

    Hope the school can find the answers asap!!

    • I do too…going to follow up with them again this afternoon. I think they’ve had enough time to view the tapes now.

  3. Marcia, Nicola loves doing that too! Thank goodness she hasn’t tried it inside yet.

  4. Gosh no water is no fun. Hope theschool sorts this out.

    • Luckily it was only off for one day.

  5. Here in sunny and WIIINNDDY J-bay, having water and power cuts are an almost weekly jackpot, surpassed only occasionally by the lingering stench of chicken manure wafting over the suburbs, from the thoughtful farmer’s fields, out Humansdorp’s way. Oh, and count yourself lucky if you don’t hit at least one pothole on your daily meanders through the dorp.

    • I see a lot of potholes, we live on an area full of underground fountains – it’s to be expected I guess? I don’t think I could live with the smell of chicken poop though. How do you cope?!

      • mmm … everyone bitches and moans about it and our crap municipality .. and then sits back and waits for someone else to do something about it.

  6. We only had no water ONCE – because of a pipe that burst down the street. It was terrible. We ended up going to shower and eat at my Mom’s place. And isn’t it just weird how thirsty you get when you can’t open a tap? And how you just MUST go to the toilet whenever there is no water in it for flushing? Eish. I would have gone NUTS.

    • It’s exactly that! Makes me feel tempted to get a jerry can with water in somewhere on the property. It seems okay now though, so hopefully whatever was wrong has been fixed for good now.

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