Wow, it’s hot!

20 November , 2012

I think some of that Nylstroom weather may have followed us home. If you believe the predictions it will be 34’C in Johannesburg today – feels about right.

I don’t have too much to say today, just thought I’d tell you that we have a 6-month stand in for Snake-In-The-Grass. Steamcleaner has already had about 3 meetings with him and so far we really like him. He has a deer in the headlights look about him, so he obviously understands the things people are telling him (a rare quality on that level), and he’s already doing things to make our jobs easier (I know right?! An exec that actually DOES things?! What kind of creature is this really?). He is yet to be named for blog purposes, but keep watching – I’m sure something will come up.

Then we’ve had another resignation (not in our department this time). You may recall Snake-In-The-Grass’ somewhat annoying secretary who wears a lot of leopard print and always types in capital letters? (a.k.a TPP – Trailer Park Princess). I have since come to a sort of truce with her and she actually is a very nice person (who always typed in capitals). Anyhoo, she has also resigned but will not be joining the Snake in CT (The Snake is joining Box-Of-Frogs who went to work in Cape Town. Between the two of them I don’t know who they’re going to get to do their work and make them look good but I’m sure they’ll line up a suitable sucker with ease).

The Swan (previously head of BOB – Band of Bitches) has also resigned and will be joining the same company as Snake-In-The-Grass and Box-Of-Frogs, but in their Pretoria office. No one is terribly sad to see her go either, except maybe the Band. Some of those band members were previously in our department and may now be forced to join it again, shame…

Oh and on a unrelated note: we are headed into the second round of QAs this week. So far pretty painless, but today might see the start of the swing. Today’s one is the one where this particular colleague got quite aggressive in the last round and actually told me to f-off. I don’t anticipate that today will be much better. 😉

That about wraps up the criptic secret place updates for the time being. 😉




  1. Having a snooze in my arms, too cute!
  2. Sometimes a book is so interesting it just pulls you in? (You might also notice the scrape she has there on her arm…that’s the one I stupidly told her about and then ended up having to bandage the whole arm because of it). 😉
  3. One of the outfits Nicola put together a few weeks ago. Imagine her teacher’s surprise when she rocked up to school wearing this ensemble. I don’t want to jinx it or anything but we have had quite a few drama free mornings clothes-wise around here. At the moment the bigger issue is the brushing of all that glorious hair – probably time for a cut soon anyway. They are starting to tangle a bit at the ends. Some mornings it looks like she’s managed to sleep herself a dreadlock through the night (we brush before bed and before school). Today I rubbed a bit of conditioner into the ends and left it in – hopefully we’ll have a tangle free evening tonight.


  1. òh man, is there anything cuter than a sleeping child?!

    And I so get her being engrossed in a book. Yesterday and today I was late for work because I was reading…. shhh, don’t tell anyone. But the book is done and was well worth those extra minutes – I literally couldn’t put it down!

    • Marcia, your secret is safe with me. 😉 I’ve had books that pulled me in so much that I actually read the last few pages skelm under my desk at work!

  2. HA HA HA HA HA is Nicola planning a trip to the Artic circle or Alaska 😉 🙂 With that ensemble she would fit in very well.

    • PS: I hate summer because of the heat. For me anything above 25C is just too hot

      • I have always felt that 23-24’C is the perfect day, but I could live with 25. This is just too hot! Makes me glad we don’t live in a dessert.

      • Mrs FF, are you sure you’re from Africa? 🙂

        I told a guy not 30 mins ago I’m still from PE in my heart and that’s why I can’t deal with this extreme heat!

      • Proper African child to the bones 😉 issue is the heat makes my allergies worse and it is draining 😦

      • Are you taking something for that? I’d recommend an antihestamine but they all put my to sleep!

  3. Listening to your work related stories about the people, it seems you have such an interesting company you work for.

    • Yip, never a dull moment. 😉

  4. I have been back in the ‘formal’ work sector for 2 weeks, now. Man, what an eye-opener. Surfwear company. Highlight of the day: ping pong @ tea, lunch, tea. Constantly feel overdressed and old – peeps around me in slofs and boardshorts; mini’s and boobtubes. I kid you not.

    • It sounds like a fun place to work! Except for the boobtubes, I have never been able to pull those off (I need all the support I can get)…actually I’m not good at ping pong either, but the slofs and board shorts sound good.

      • At this stage, I am just so glad to have employment and a more dependable income. I tell you what – being self-employed in the retail sector really blows and is highly overrated.

  5. Oh I remember TPP – love the work ramblings

    • Hahaha, thanks! I hope I’m being vague enough to cover my backside.

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