Weekend that was

19 November , 2012

Firstly, after that bit about my parents’ neighbours my mother’s phone was stolen on Thursday. She thought she had accidentally left it at work but Friday morning saw that it wasn’t there. Between 17:00 Thursday and 08:00 the thieves clocked just over R2500 on her account, plus the R1000 excess. Ouch! There seems to be even more phone theft at the moment than in general before – do you think these phones make it into someone’s Christmas stockings as gifts? A bit impractical really since you can have the handset blocked.

We went to Nylstroom for the weekend to visit our friends on the farm (can I just add that Denise’s phone was also recently stolen and now some yahoo is updating profile pics on her old BBM!). I haven’t downloaded all the photos yet, but let me tell you that the girls (Nicola and Mia) had so much fun together!

Usually we only go visit in the cooler months, because Modimolle (a.k.a Nylstroom) is HOT AS HELL! And it was exactly that this weekend too. We got to spend a lot of time splasshing in the water and I think I must have drunk my body weight in cooldrink just to keep from spontaniously combusting. The farm is also one of the few places that has more spiders and bugs than our cottage. 😉

It was totally worth it though – what a lovely weekend away. Thanks Denise and Riaan for having us over! We always have a great time when we’re there and this time was no different. We are very lucky to be able to do something like this with close friends like you guys. xxx

Ps! I’ll show you some of the pics once I’ve downloaded them – magic… 😀 



  1. Nicola at school
  2. Nicola and Oupa
  3. Nicola watering our garden


  1. I love the one where Nicola is watering the garden. So cute. She reminds me a lot of my own daughter. So helpful without questions.
    So sorry to hear about your mother’s phone getting stolen and money as well 😦

  2. Pretty pictures of the princess as always. Is she watering the garden or giving the stones a bath (LOL). I see she takes her watering duties very seriously 😉

    Sorry to hear about your mum’s phone and the money? She should report the money issue to the bank and hopefully the money should be refunded.

    Yep, if the temperature around here was anything to go by, I don’t want to even imagine how hot it was where you were.

    • The bank will only refund if she had “lost card protection” or whatever the current jargon is.

  3. I’m really really sorry to hear about your mom’s phone. Where and how did it happen?

    BTW, I’ve already investigated the premiums for my next phone because you can be sure it’s not going to happen again to me. I’ve now realised that (sadly) I own things people actually want to steal. I’ve always had older phones than even the nannies 🙂 but not anymore.

    also the insurance company said there is some cover if the theft happens at home (mine is R3200 unspecified) but if outside, has to be specified otherwise it’s not covered.

    ps don’t know how you survived hot as hell nylstroom 🙂

  4. A weekend away is always great for the soul. Sorry about your mom’s phone – I suspect of course that some crook just unblocks the phones

  5. Ugh…how horrible about your Mom! Same thing happened to a lady in the office. Your Mom needs to declare a dispute with the bank and they will charge it back. Horrible thing. I’m so sorry.
    Sounds like you had a great weekend. Love the pic of Nicola watering the garden.

  6. blackhuff, thanks. Shame my mom was very traumatised by the whole thing.

    MrsFF, she sure does take it very seriously – and she waters EVERYTHING! 😉 No money was stolen from the bank, that’s how much they spent in calls overnight.

    Marcia, initially she thought she left it at work – so I suppose someone could have lifted it off her desk? My dad pulled a detailed report on that R2500 worth of calls – some are odd data type things, most are Botswana calls and then a few local cell numbers. I told my mom she should ask them at work to run those local numbers through their land line system, maybe they’ll see someone else in the building has called them from their desk too? – And then about the heat in Nylstroom: I drank A LOT of cooldrink and I splashed in the pool with the girls. Also I tried to move as little as possible. 😉

    Cat, you might be right about the unblocking. Their really wouldn’t be much point in it if they didn’t have a way to do that.

    Julia, my mom doesn’t have a dispute with the bank though. The money was all spent on calls. The service provider makes you pay for the calls until the moment you report the phone as stolen with them, which was only at 8:00 the next morning unfortunately.

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