Fashion by Fezile

16 November , 2012

There’s a lady who works with me who comes up with the most amazing outfits! One day I had this light-bulb moment and asked her if she would mind me posting a little collection of her in some of her ensembles here – and she said she’d like that very much.

So Fez, thanks a mil – it’s been fun fashion stalking you. One day when I’m all grown up I’d like to be able to throw an outfit together with as much style as you do. 😉





  1. She’s funky!

    • She is! And she makes it look so easy.

  2. Oh I love it. I have Ayanda at my work who’s the same 🙂

    • I must say, Fezile always looks amazing, but her very best feature is her smile…which she wears every day. 🙂

  3. She sure have the most awesome style. Wow!

  4. blackhuff, yip! 🙂 see why I stalked her?

  5. She needs to starts image consulting or buying for people. I think she is amazing.

  6. Cat, I agree – I’ll tell her you said so! 😉

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