This week’s news (so far) in bullets:

15 November , 2012
  • On Tuesday Nicola threw such a wobbly that the neighbour lady came to see if she was okay. At the time she was screaming like a banshee outside because I wouldn’t let her hose down the lounge, while I was just inside getting the food out of the oven before it burnt. I realised something was going on when she went very quiet all of a sudden and found this stranger hanging over the back wall interrogating my child. When she heard that everything was in fact fine, and that the ruckus was tantrum related she advised me to smack Nicola (she was a bit more descriptive than that).
  •  I am choosing to take from this a somewhat warm fuzzy feeling that at least someone cared enough to come and check, and I’m choosing not to take from this the unwanted parenting advice from someone who clearly doesn’t have a temperamental two (almost three) year old in her frame of reference.
  • Of course I told her off in a polite-ish kind of way and took my banshee inside for a stern talking to.
  • On the topic of smacking, the principal at Nicola’s school told me that she had to let a teacher go this past week (the teacher Nicola had last year actually). Apparently she lost her pip and smacked a few children in her class (in an abusive way) and there was some sort of arm yanking injury too – all caught on CCVT. That was following swiftly with her suspension, disciplinary hearings and her dismissal. One parent is suing the school and another has opened a criminal case against the teacher directly.  The principal is understandably in a state, as are the parents.
  • I agree that the school did the right thing in letting her go. I appreciate that the principal told me about it. Now I obsess a bit about whether or not this woman did the same to my baby last year when she was in her care. Honestly I never saw any signs of any such thing, and Nicola was completely mad about her and actually had quite a hard time getting used to a new teacher at the beginning of this year. I think I would have picked something up, but how can I really be sure? I guess the cameras are the only way to know for sure, and they would have told me if there was anything like that going on…wouldn’t they? If someone had harmed my daughter in such a way there wouldn’t be a hole deep enough for them to hide in. Grrr!
  • Putting a note on my to-do list to have some sort of casual but meaningful discussion with Nicola about this to cover any future potential problems.
  • And just when you thought I couldn’t fit any more drama into one single post I get to tell you that my parents’ neighbours had an armed robbery there on Tuesday – since we spend so much time there they’re almost like neighbours to us too. Their daughter is just a year older than Nicola and the two of them are showing great signs of becoming friends.
  • Apparently he was on his way to see clients, the front door was already open. Next thing he saw a man’s arm coming in and grabbing his daughter – dragging her outside. He says he didn’t even think about it, he just tackled the guy to get her back. Meanwhile his wife pressed the panic button. A second robber smacked him across the face with a gun and they took everyone inside and tied them up. When the armed response arrived the robbers tricked them to come inside too and tied them up as well. Shortly after they left in two cars with everything they could carry away quickly, just before more armed response arrived because the first one didn’t check in.
  • They’re all okay, but he has to go for an operation on Monday to fix his nose and eye socket. They’re going for trauma counselling and all the locks on their house have been replaced. No one was raped – which isn’t always a given in these situations no matter how old you are. Can you just imagine what must have gone through their heads at the time?! I hope I never get to go through that. I liked these neighbours before, and I have even more admiration for them now – I think they reacted superbly to what was a horrible situation and I’m glad they’re more or less okay.
  • Lastly, some good news: I had my test yesterday and I’ve been given a clean bill of booby health! 🙂 I am so relieved. Seriously, last night I hit that after stress tiredness and slept like a rock. I actually had a really hard time keeping my eyes open from the moment I left the radiology department at the hospital. I bought myself a new bra to celebrate!
  • Oooh, more good news: I got to have a nice grown up lunch with Marcia this week. Thanks Marcia, it was lovely! Next time come here and I’ll take you on a little walk round town if you’re up for it?



  1. Princess Nicolalie in the car on the way to school.
  2. Sitting on Ouma’s head and snatching her hair clip while she’s there.
  3. Sleepy pic – hard to believe she can be this peaceful sometimes. 😉


  1. Sjoe. How HORRIBLE for your parents neighbours. Ugh. Stories like that make me SICK!
    I get loads of people like that trying to tell me how to manage my kids. I just smile and wave.
    Yay for healthy boobies and so cool that you get to have a grown-up lunch with Marcia.

  2. AAAARRRGGHHHHH what terrible news for the neighbours and sad that we have to say at least they weren’t hurt in THAT way!

    It was FABULOUS chatting to you – next time let’s do it over the Christmas period when we can speak for much longer 🙂 totally game for the CBD 🙂 In fact, I can’t wait!

  3. Julia, it is really horrible that such a thing happened to them – or that it happens to anyone at all for that matter.

    Marcia, fabulous! Just let me know what day you have in mind and we’ll set it up. Our parking is a bit more of a pain than yours – CBD parking is like gold as I’m sure you know. 😀

  4. Lovely pictures as always 🙂

    Glad to hear you got an all clear on the test, must have been nerve wracking waiting for the results.

    Very sorry to hear about the robbery, I pray for strength for the family, must be very traumatic.

    • Thank you! 🙂

  5. How frightening for your neighbour 😦 Glad they are “ok”

    Love your photo shoot photos – Nicola is beautiful!!!

    The school incident is also scary 😦

  6. Laura, very frightening – I think they may be looking into selling their house and moving to a security estate after this (for what it’s worth). Thank you! And yes, very scary about the school.

  7. Much much relief about the booby stuff and I am seriously jealous of a grown up ,unch with any of you two girls

  8. Cat, I am very relieved too! We’ll have to set up a grown up lunch then. 😉

    • *ahem* we can definitely do something about that lunch!

      • What have you got in mind Marcia? 🙂

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