More of our photo shoot

15 November , 2012

Thank you Tanya, we love the photos you took for us!

Louisa & Nicola-12Louisa & Nicola-20Louisa & Nicola-23Louisa & Nicola-31Louisa & Nicola-32Louisa & Nicola-38Louisa & Nicola-62Louisa & Nicola-65Louisa & Nicola-67Louisa & Nicola-71Louisa & Nicola-75Louisa & Nicola-87Louisa & Nicola-97Louisa & Nicola-100



  1. You two really don’t take any notice of the camera, or do you?
    Great photos. I like the last one so much.

  2. All lovely pictures, I love that you were “unaware” of the photographer. I can’t choose a favourite because just when I think I have my favourite, I look at the next and think this is it.

    Nicola would make a good model for children’s active outfits and of course hair products 🙂

  3. blackhuff, I do – a little bit, but Nicola doesn’t. When she does there is no photo because she runs or turns her face away. In fact the only photo you can get of her is if she doesn’t see you taking one. Thank you!

    MrsFF, Mwahaha – she would hey? Someone did approach me about it when she was just about a year old but they didn’t like my terms and conditions so it never panned out. I’m okay with that – let children be children and models be models. Plus you wouldn’t be able to get her into anything she didn’t want to wear, which probably wouldn’t work out that well for clothing adds anyway. 😉

  4. Love the last photo and the reflection one 🙂

    a zoom lens is perfect for spying on a child like this!

    I want to show you some pics I took at my friend’s party – i tricked this little girl and got GORGEOUS pics!

  5. I LOVE them all. I actually don’t have a favourite. Your photographer is really good, but then here gorgeous subjects obviously make it easy!

  6. Marcia, I like those too. I did tell Tanya that Nicola is not in a camera freindly phase right now, so almost all of the shots had to be super sneaky. I think she did quite well at capturing us. Those pics you sent came out great!

    Julia, awe thank you! 😀

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