New Nicola-isms

12 November , 2012

Nicola has some funny ideas about trees. Example: She says to me that the roots are trapping the trees and we have to rescue them! I have tried to explain that this is how the trees get food from the ground, and that the roots are not evil or trapping the trees but really just a part of them but she’s adamant that we need to save them. How one goes about doing this apparently is that I will hold them because they are quite big, and she will take her scissors and snipper them loose. 😆

Units of measure: We’re currently exploring some of these. During last week when my dad was at our house Nicola offered him a piece of cooldrink from our fridge. Too cute! Hehehe…everything is a piece of at the moment, however pair of tweezers seems to have taken after I corrected her on that one.

General expressions of displeasure: Quite a few things are being labelled as “ridiculous!” (as in Mom, look out for the mud – it’s ridiculous!) or when something goes not-so-much according to plan she now says, “Oh nuts!” which is by far better than the “Oh shit!” she was using before, so I’m not complaining at all.

My mom bought Nicola a little toy doggy over the weekend. It barks…or should I say it barked until it fell (or was thrown) one too many times. Plus it has little wheels at the bottom so it can cruise around a bit too. I picked it up and must have accidentally pushed one of its buttons because the wheels started spinning and nipped my finger! Not two minutes later Nicola is overheard telling the toy, “Nee hondjie! Jy kan nie vir mamma eet nie!” Adorable!

And other news: We had two kiddies parties on this weekend. One for Nicola’s very bestest friend D from school and one for Melinda’s Jadakins which we couldn’t make so we dropped by on Sunday to give her a gift and to play. Well, at both Nicola had loads of fun. She’s really a lot less shy all of a sudden. She did this manoeuvre with Jada which had us all in stitches! There was a small issue with a pram that both girls wanted to push around…Nicola is not really a champ at sharing, no matter how nicely I ask or demand it, but I’m sure she’ll come around at some point. Anyhoo, I told her to let Jada push the pram because it’s hers and she wants to. Nicola then distracted Jada by asking her to fetch a balloon for her – which Jada did. And off she goes with the pram in the meantime – very sneaky. Mwahaha! We got a bit of sad news at D’s party…her mom is moving her to a different school from next year. She’s going to be working there and D’s school fees are free if she goes there. It’s in Sandton  – but it might as well be in another country. Hopefully a new bestie will emerge without too much drama after the school holidays. It’s sad, but I guess it’s part of growing up too?

Photo shoot: We received our disc this weekend and I’ve had a look through. Thanks again Tanya! I’ll see if I can show you a few more tomorrow. 😉


Meanwhile, these are the ones that I took at the botanicola gardens that day…

  1. Art show that i had a hard time convincing my pink terrorist was NOT for touching!
  2. The new playground in front of the restaurant.
  3. Nicola climbing.
  4. Tanya.
  5. Tired now, and NOT in the mood to be photographed anymore (unlike earlier in the morning when she still had enough zip to try and outrun the camera). 😉
  6. Ice cream on the way home – not all of it ended up where it was meant to go.


  1. Your baby is just so adorable and loving. Saving the trees from their roots and reprimanding the dog for eating mama Too cute 😉

    And a piece of cold drink – hmmmmmm very interesting

  2. Ah man! A piece of cooldrink? Oh nuts! I LOVE it.
    Am sure she’ll make a new bestie chop-chop.

  3. Love the cutevsayings!

  4. MrsFF, she sure comes up with some cute things to say. 😉

    Julia, I hope so too!

    Karen, thanks!

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