Thursday bits and pieces

8 November , 2012

Cute things said by my pink terrorist lately:

  • I was rushing around one morning trying to pack bags, make coffee and tea, brush my teeth, water plants and dress all at the same time. Nicola was busy watching Mickey Mouse and waiting for her tea. In between all the running around I looked at her and she just seemed so quiet…so I went and sat next to her just to give her a bit of a hug (she likes that a lot). She wrapped her little arms around me and said, “Mamma. Ek sal jou styf vashou sodat jy nie van die bed af val nie.” (I’ll hold you tight so that you don’t fall off the bed). I have no idea why she thought I might fall off, but it was just so incredibly sweet.
  • Another night this week, we were in the bath and it was time to get out. It gets a bit tricky when Nicola has half a tub of toys in there with us, so I managed to get myself up around her and all of the obstacles. I said something along the lines of me getting old now (and a groan if you’re imagining this). She gets up, groans and holds her back and tells me that she’s also getting old now. Mwahaha!

Other things of potential interest:

  • I had the opportunity to meet an author of one of the change management books we have circulating around here. After the course we attended the presenter gave each person a book to read as a sort of graduation gift, and this lady’s book was one of them.
  • I hadn’t actually read the book before I received the invite to lunch but I thought I better get that done because I’d like to be able to say more than, “Hey! Nice to meet you – I heard you wrote a book. What’s it about? And what’s for lunch?”
  • I am so glad that I did read the book before, because it seemed like I may have been the only one in the group! One colleague said she was about half way but got sidetracked by 50 shades (Really? You had to go there at a business lunch?)
  • The author is really nice and down to earth. I had a great time and I think I managed to pull off a decent level of conversation with her about the topics at hand. The guy who organised the event seemed pretty grateful too, and gave me a hug goodbye afterwards. 😆
  • I am super intrigued why anybody would rock up for that kind of event without having actually read the book. Or is that just me? Does that seem normal to you?

I got another washi tape delivery this morning! Super impressed. The last one I ordered off Etsy took about a month (which is also fine and expected) but this one came through in less than two weeks. The tape looks great and the service was fantastic. She even gave me a special discount code for my next order to thank me for the positive rating I gave her on my first order.

So if you’re looking for washi tape – go have a look here by all means! TheWashiShop.etsy.com




  1. I would so have read the book too – and I mean really, do you mention that you got distracted by 50 shades?

    • Cat, it was BEYOND surreal!

  2. YAY finally, I had to trick my computer to be able to comment (LOL)

    Well, I am sure she thought she was being truthful about why she had not read the book, but sometimes it’s best to just zip your lips 🙂

    Your little princess old!!!!! She is just too funny and she is definitely a caring little one, doesn’t want mama to fall off the bed 😉 😉 🙂 🙂

    She looks like she wasn’t very happy with you in the first picture 😉

    I love that last picture – pink dress, pink daisy, pink cup. You can tell she is in the pink phase. My hubby’s niece currently only wants yellow panties 🙂

  3. MrsFF, I didn’t know you had a problem commenting – yay for trickery! 😉 Nicola is a sweet heart yip, and in that first photo I think she’s probably just annoyed at me for taking photos – most of what I get has to be done in secret.

  4. Cute indeed. How do you remember all the cuteness for blogging? Do you use a notebook?

    I would go without reading but make sure I know enough to talk intelligently.

    Send me email pse 😉

    • I usually make a quick note on my phone, I have a special place on the phone with a menu shortcut just for that. It just makes it easier to remember when I do get the time to sit down and write eventually. 😉

      I think some people could pull off not reading the book, but these couldn’t!

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