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5 November , 2012

I want to tell you about our weekend, but first…I just came out of a two hour long recorded violin lesson at work – mwahaha! What a cacophony! Way more fun than corporate drumming in my opinion. Apparently all the other branches of the secret place have different instruments and these boffins will eventually put everything together and we’ll hear orchestra music. I am looking forward to that! They seemed to be recording a lot of the not-music playing bits too so there is a good chance that my bow-sword-fight with my colleague might make it to the bloopers video at least? 😉

Anyhoo, back to the weekend past. We had a pretty laid back sort of one (those are my favourites really). We spent a lot of time with the family, Nicola attempted to talk the ears off various tea cups, and on Sunday we had a lovely visit with Phillygirl and her bunnies too. Nicola kept me running at Philly’s house with all the beautiful ornaments and where she wanted to take them and after the bunnies were put safely in their hutch she tried her level best to break them out because she felt that they were stuck in a booby-trap and we possibly needed a mouse-ka-tool to get them out! 😆

Actually, Nicola had me running around like a loon most of the weekend! She accidentally took a stage dive off the couch on Friday night too and now she has a lovely bruise on her shin to show for it. It could have been a lot worse – we all had quite a fright. And that settles it. Even though I’ve only said it about a million times to her, the armrests of any sitting surface has now been declared completely off-limits and she’ll get a smacked bottom if I catch her on one again – no exceptions! She also joined my dad and my brother for a swim yesterday, along with her pool floatie dragon. Poor beast. Nicola had him in and out of the (still pretty cold) pool about five or sic times. Everytime they got out it was apparently because he was getting cold. Then she would make a big production of drying him off and chucking him straight back in two minutes later.

I also managed to get quite a cute clip of her singing a bowl of raisins to sleep – which I might show you once I download it. Aaaaand…I got a sneak peak of the photoshoot pics from our shoot with Tanya and they are awesome! I can’t wait to see the rest.

Do you want to see some of the sneak peak ones or wait till I can pick my favourites from the disc after I get it on Sunday? Mmm? 😉 Can you wait that long? Because I have to tell you – the ones I’ve seen are just amazing. I’m going round the office showing them to everyone as far as I go.


The photos in this post are not THOSE photos obviously:

  1. Nicola.
  2. New hair clips – a gift from Oom Riaan. We had to wear them all at once!
  3. Catching a bit of sun.


  1. Are you kidding? Of COURSE we want to see some sneak pics. Post them already!

    • I just put them up. 🙂

      Cat, it was one magnificent chaotic din!

  2. Ph show. And I can only imagine the total noise level- would have totally freaked me out

  3. If I could comment earlier, you know my response would have been yes I want a sneak peek. They are beautiful pictures.

    And please I want to see Nicola trying to put raisins to sleep. Your little one is full of so many tricks. Such a caring little girl wants to save the bunny from “imprisonment”

    It’s her hair clips and she can put 100 of them on her if she wants 🙂 🙂 😉

  4. Thank goodness, I was starting to wonder if anyone wanted to see it at all. I will load the video over the weekend if I can. It takes a helluva long time to upload, and we’re sleeping over at my folks on Saturday so at least I can use their internet for that.

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