The things they say…

1 November , 2012

We always have dinner at my parents on a Wednesday – just like we did last night. Usually my dad drives home with us to make sure we get there okay, but he was in Cape Town yesterday so we left just before sunset so that we could get home before dark and not worry about what might be lurking in the bushes at the gate.

Well, what a beautiful sunset! All those gorgeous fluffy clouds were coloured pink and orange and it really was quite something to see. Nicola wanted to know why the clouds were pink so I told her it’s because the sun colours it in when it goes down and sometimes when it comes up as well, but she’s usually still asleep when that happens. I said that when we see something as beautiful as that we should thank God for letting us.

So…guess what happened next? We turned and now the pink clouds were not in front of her anymore so she thought they were gone. “Jeeeeesus….kom kleur die wolkies pink in. Ons wag vir jou!” (Jesus, come colour these clouds pink. We’re waiting!) Mwahaha, I think I have not done so well with my explanation after all. 😉

On top of great cosmic mysteries like sunsets we’ve also been doing a bit of work on tenses and plurals – it gets a bit tricky at times since she’s building vocabulary in two languages which are not very similar at all (sometimes at same time)(sometimes in the same sentence – eep!). When I hear something that’s not right I just try and correct it and get her to say it after me a few times, hoping it will take. Some do, others don’t.

So we were sitting in the bath while I was washing her hair, and she’s playing with this bouncy ball. It’s got a little ball inside a bigger ball and since she’s laid eyes on it she has wanted to get that little ball out somehow. She says to me, “We have to get him out!” I say, “No…we don’t.” She says, “We have to!” I say, “We can’t. It’s closed up inside.” She says, “He have a door – right here” (pointing at the seam of the bigger ball. I say, “He HAS a door, not have.” She says, “He HAS a door – right here.” I say, “No he doesn’t.” She says, “HE HAVE A DOOR!!!” – you get the picture? Hahaha, apparently when it comes to these things you can’t learn two things at a time, if one is negative and the other isn’t. Silly me…

And then last thing she did last night: She dragged this little dolly to bed with her. She has a teeny-tiny golf club and ball that came in the box with her. I told Nicola to put them on the bedside table before they get lost. Does she do it? Of course not – hahahaha! So five minutes into this the golf club is missing and I get quizzed on its whereabouts. I asked why she didn’t put it where I told her to so that it wouldn’t get lost. She just ignores my question and turns to the dolly. “Dogtertjie, waar’s jou golfstok?” (Girly, where is your gold club?). Too funny! We found it under a pillow eventually, but it went missing at least five times before I managed to convince Nicola to sleep.


Photos from a few weeks ago:

  1. Sometimes you just need a new perspective?
  2. I told her she had to wear the shoes till we got to Ouma’s house – so she took them off as soon as we got there.
  3. Singing to the birds. 😀


  1. Ag my moeder ma! Te cute.

  2. Ha Ha Ha HA. I’m laughing so hard I have tears streaming down my face. Smart girl this Nicola of yours. 🙂

    And I agree you said he only had to wear the shoes till you to Ouma’s which means once you are at Ouma’s it comes off, right 😉

  3. Ek lief nog steeds jou blog, lees altyd, al comment ek min. Sy is cute verby!

  4. I LOVE THE TALKING!!! LOVE~!!!! God is indeed colouring in the clouds for her 🙂 Well, try having conversations about what is danger… you are going to get as stuck as I did.

    I LOVE the has/ have conversation = I LAUGHED so loud they asked “what?!!!”

    Are you in a better mood???? And did you have the chocolate slab?

  5. I think it’s wonderful how she talks to Jesus.

  6. Cat, ja nee – sy’s pragtig.

    MrsFF, she’s one smart cookie! 😉 And I can’t complain if she beats me up with my own rules at times. 😆

    Vonnelize, hey! Goed om van jou te hoor vriendin. Dankie man! 😀

    Marcia, that has/have thing had me completely stumped. I knew exactly what I was trying to do, but I just couldn’t get there – hahaha! We’ve got danger covered I think. The reason why i say this is because when I step up to the stove to stir a pot or something Nicola tells me to be careful because it’s very hot! I

    I do feel better thanks, and hell yeah I had some chocolate…although I didn’t have the whole slab by myself. 😉

    blackhuff, I like that too. 🙂

  7. Agh man this is such a magical age!! She is too sweet Louisa 🙂

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE the conversations. And I love the very first pic of her attempting a cartwheel.

  9. Laura, it really is such a magical age. 🙂

    Julia, I had such a laugh when she did it, so I’m glad I managed to catch it in a photo. The conversations are so cute – I wish i could record all of them, but she freezes up if she sees me filming.

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