Which way did that train go?

31 October , 2012

I feel pretty crap today. I went to bed with a giant head ache and this morning my eyes feel quite scratchy and prone to closing. I may even end up wearing my prescription glasses before long if things don’t improve! πŸ˜‰

It’s good to see the sun again. The bloody gale force winds that came with it not so much though. It’s real kite flying weather round here today. Every time I step out onto the smoking balcony I feel like I should probably tether myself to the building just in case. I wonder what Nicola would think of kite flying? If this “breeze” is still around by the weekend maybe we’ll go and see. (Well it would have to be a bit less of a breeze because I don’t want to lose the kite or Nicola!).Β 

The weather has completely soaked into my sky diving knees too. Every time I get up the first 5-10 steps resemble someone walking with a peg leg before the joints unfreeze and let me bend it again. Good times! πŸ˜† At least I have found the perfect combo from the secret place coffee machines – a number 27 plus a number 63 in my giant sippy cup. It fits perfectly and you’d be surprised how good hot chocolate goes with espresso.

Enough moaning from me – here are a few photos from a couple of weeks ago:

  1. Princess Nicolalie
  2. Play-play high heels that she loves
  3. Basket-case or wanna-be turtle? πŸ˜‰



Ps! My appointment is on the 14th.



  1. Still a while to go till your appointment – nerve wracking. I hate it 😦
    Sorry to hear that you’re not feeling so well today. Yes, this wind is very strange indeed. Felt like Cape Town here this morning.

    • Yip…nerve wracking indeed. It really does feel like Cape Town weather! πŸ™‚

  2. Cutie pie this Nicola of yours. Let her know he would have lots of years to wear heels πŸ™‚

    Hope you are feeling better?

  3. Yes the wind was totally hectic.

  4. hectic, hectic wind. I’m ready for spring again!

  5. MrsFF, I agree – but I’ve seen that when I try to discourage something it makes it irresistable…so I’m letting it slide in a hope that she’ll just ditch them and move on. (I’m feeling much better thanks!)

    Cat & Marcia, I see on my weather app that we can expect summer weather again by Monday. πŸ˜€

  6. Hope your weekend weather was a bit better – we’ve been having LOVELY weather in CT over the last 10 days or so.
    Must tell you that since you wrote that b**b post, mine have been feeling weird. Like it’s full of milk and I need to breastfeed. I am not pg. Maybe I should make that appointment too? Eish. I am rather freaked out.

  7. ps…CT is actually having a Kite Festival this weekend. See here: http://www.capementalhealth.co.za/kite/

    It’s really close to where I stay and it’s an annual thing. Not sure if you have Kite Festivals in Jhb. I plan to go every year then I panic. Child2 would definitely not cope in those crowds – on Friday we had to make a duck at the school food fair because it was too much for him. Maybe I’ll try to take him next year.

  8. Julia, make the appointment and go find out what’s going on. Initially I was a bit upset that I couldn’t get an appointment sooner but this wait is actually doing me good. I’ve calmed down to a mild panic (I’ve even considered phoning to cancel a couple of times), but now I’m in just kind of whatever will be will be sort of space. Still a few days till the 14th.

    Kite festival! That sounds fantastic. I’m not aware of anything like that up here. If you ended up going I’d love to see some photos.

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