30 October , 2012

So yeah, I’m freaking out a bit.

Nothing too serious but I have to go and have one of those more unpleasant medical examinations done (the most unpleasant part will probably be the paying since I’ve run out of MSA for the year). I’ve been wandering around all day asking random colleagues if they’ve ever had a mammogram, and if they have how was it? I can tell you that people who’ve had it done to them are not very comfortable talking about it, but they will if you ask nicely.

Ho-hum…think pink and all that. I’ve had these for the better part of 34 years (well okay maybe 22 years) and if they start behaving oddly I better go and have it checked out. *breathe in…breathe out*

Now on to some photos:

  1. Nicola out and about in pajama pants
  2. Delta Park playground – isn’t it just amazing? 😀
  3. Mangeling a piece of bread with a giant fork after reading a book on sandwiches at the zoo (whilst wearing pj pants and fairy wings of course!)


Anyhoo…I’m off to go and obsess about my boobs. Hope you’re having a better Tuesday than I am.



  1. LIsten sweetie – the mammogram is not half as bad as others will lead on. I had one last year – yes it is uncomfortable, but not half as much as the dentist. So off you go!

    • Thanks Cat, will do! 🙂

  2. Louisa, the woman here at work also told me that it is uncomfortable but not sore in any way. Good luck.

    • Thanks. 🙂

  3. Gosh, I have never had one of those. I should probably make a plan. Maybe 2013? Good luck though. I have heard that it’s more uncomfortable than painful.

    • Thanks. I tried making an appointment this afternoon but couldn’t get through. I’ll try again tomorrow. I’m more scared of what they may find than the search actually.

  4. Okay, my friend, I am freaking out too! But let’s both stay calm and we will all pray for you tonight. I will give the kids no details otherwise you can be sure they’ll ask about your b**bs when they see you – my kids have no shame!

    • Hahaha! Now that would be an interesting conversation. Thanks Marcia… 🙂

  5. Hope it’s just uncomfortable and not painful. You’ll be fine. Good Luck and pls share how it goes.

    I would love to see Marcia’s kids asking about your b**bs and your response and reaction (if you were not pre-warned) 🙂

  6. MrsFF, will do – thanks. Mwahaha, I’m usually quite quick on my feet when things like that happen…also I’m pretty good at distracting little people.

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