29 October , 2012

We had our photo shoot with Tanya (I’ll link up later when her site is ready) at the botanical gardens yesterday. Oh my word! Nicola made us run around like a couple of loons! She is very camera shy at the moment (all pics I have of her are either of her frowning at the camera, or running away, or not looking at me cause she didn’t see me coming so that she can run away).

So for the sake of completeness of history I think the shoot will probably reflect the truth, namely that Nicola is not in a I-love-photos phase. 😉 Well, Tanya took about 500 anyway, so there are bound to be a few good ones in there, and I did my level best at distracting Nicola long enough so that she won’t be a blur on all of them!

They’ve done some renovations at the gardens since we were last there. They’ve added a lovely playground just across the path from the restaurant. This was a big hit with Nicola, and I even joined her on the jungle gym for a bit (those things are definitely not built for grown-ups and even with no ass I couldn’t use the slide at all). It has some tunnels too and a wall so that you don’t have to worry about your little mcguyver making a run for the waterfall without you seeing them go. Nicola was very interested in the tunnels. From the outside it looks a bit like I imagine a hobbit’s house might look. From the inside I couldn’t tell you (hallo! I have claustrophobia), but the kids that went in shrieked about wet and dark so I supose that about covers it? Anyway, I told Nicola she can go in if she feels like it but then she better come out on her own steam too – I am not going in. She wisely decided to stick to the outside attractions instead. If she had one of her many torches with her I reckon she wouldn’t have gone in anyway.

I am very excited to see the photos! Just 2 weeks and then I’ll have them in my grubby little hands. 😀 You might remember that Tanya took those beautiful photos of us a few weeks ago at the Delta Park picnic.

I’m writing this post a bit back to front I guess, but I also wanted to say that on Saturday we had the last performance of Nicola’s school play. She was the most beautiful bunny on stage. You could see that she was searching the audience and when she saw me her little face just lit up! 😀 I smiled so much my cheecks actually hurt. So proud of her!

After the concert we did our monthly grocery run…usually we do it bright and early. If you hit the shops at 9:00 when they open you can be in and out before most people wake up – no queues. This 12:00 shopping is NOT for the feint harted. I am definitely not doing that again if I can help it (not that I am feint of heart – I just like to pick my battles). Also, with that many people in the isles you can’t stick to the middle of the isle and the pink terrorist was using this opportunity to pull off anything she could reach and dump it in the trolley (I now have a tea sieve for instance). I was not impressed. Plus she started clobbering me with a roll of gift wrap (because I wouldn’t let her have a set of steak knives), and I nearly went completely mental about it. I had to buy it after I threw it on the floor and stomped on it…I really don’t do well with crowds (or people – even little ones – swinging things at me head). *sigh* This too shall pass, and so on?

There is not even a small chance that I am taking her along on Christmas shopping for the rest of the family. I will happily put in leave if I have to just to be able to do it in peace and quiet.

It’s not all tantrums and choas though. She’s started doing this really cute thing:

  • When she sees something she really wants (provided she can’t get to it from the trolley and help herself), she says, “Is that for me?” (comes with a wide eyed tilted head manouvre)
  • If I say yes she says, ” Oh thank you mom! You’re the best mom in the world.” (Mwahaha – love that!)
  • If I say no she says, “But I NEED it! Pleeeeeeease…” (please being a magic word, let’s see some results)
  • If that fails there is a bit of sulking of course – unless you manage to distract her before she gets there. 😉

Isn’t it just amazing how naturally negotiation (and possibly a bit of manupilation) comes to children? It reminds me of a sales course I attended many moons ago where John the trainer said that we’re all born with it and then it’s systematically trained out of us. I hope that I can channel this skill for her into something constructive and usefull, instead of training it out completely.



  1. Cheese curls – yumm!
  2. Playing swing with Oupa.
  3. Complete and utter joy of running around outside, instead of going inside when your mom asks you to. 😆


  1. ooh yes, cheese curls are yum!

    wait – you threw a frothy in the shops?! Ha – I would KILL for a video!

    I keep forgetting to ask you whatever happened with that iron deficiency thing. did I miss the update?

  2. Oh I would have loved to see you stomping on that roll – ok just joking but truly, I have felt the same way many times in my life. This too SHALL pass. And have to smile at the manipulation

  3. Marcia & Cat, yip – not one of my finest moments. I should probably add that at times I felt so panicky about the amount of people bumping into us that I pushed the cart into a corner and closed my eyes for a bit of a breathing exercise first. If I could do all my shopping online, I probably would! 😉

    Marcia, the second round of tests came back and the iron supplement made no difference. The doctor diagnosed her with Alpha Thalassemia Trait. This makes it much harder for her body to absorb iron, in fact it could probably be bad for her kidneys if she gets to much of it in. Wiki link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thalassemia

    I then had myself tested too, and she didn’t get it from me, so I let her father know in case he wanted to have his son checked out too (no reply from him, big surprise – I don’t call him The Great communicator TGC for nothing ha!).

    For her it’s not that serious, it only makes her slightly aneamic and if we wanted to we could still go ahead with having her tonsils removed – which I’ve decided to put on the back burner for now.

    The real problem will be when she’s all grown up and she decides to have babies of her own. It is extremely important that her partner should not have the same gene or the chance is that the babies will not make it, and in the best case scinario will not make it to birth without having their first blood transfusion in vetro. If her partner doesn’t have the gene, the chances are pretty good that the babies will either not get it at all, or only get the trait, similar to what she got in her genetic lucky packet.

    It can be cured (if I remember correctly there is about a 30% success rate at best) with a bone marrow transplant from a sibling who does not have the same gene.

    She has only got a half brother on her dad’s side, and I have no idea if he has it or not – in any event a bone marrow transplant is not something that I’d want to sign her up for – so not even looking at that bridge since she is in no immediate danger (thank God!).

    It’s was a very traumatic experience for me, going through all the blood tests and finding out about all the potential dangers, but we are looked after and I trust that. So we’ll go for regular check ups of her kidneys and spleen and other than that, it’s business as usual. 😉

  4. Can’t wait to see the photos of the photoshoot 🙂 She is surely going to have some great ones.

    • I can’t wait either! 🙂

  5. Love the last 2 pics. And I love the point that you make that all kids are born with the selling/manipulation thing and that we essentially train it out of them. Makes you think.

    • The guy who did the training had it broken down into steps that made it quite clear. His example was a four year old that hears the ice cream van music. Eye contact…touch (pulling on dad’s trousers)…call on name…cadence of voice…repeatedly ask…cry if you have to.

      He used to say, “if you could have cried for an ice cream at four, why can’t you ask for the business now?”. (in a scottish accent). I loved it – brilliant training!

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