Just before we get our weekend on…

26 October , 2012

A few quick bullets:

  • Snake-In-The-Grass has resigned (you’ll have to imagine me doing cartwheels because it’s not a skill I have ever been blessed with). No one was surprised, we’ve been suspecting for at least three months now since he’s constantly out of office for days at a time with no credible reason. I am extra happy that I will not have to organise his fairwell either. 😀
  • The HR lady who really grated my last nerve has been reassigned to a different area so I never have to sit through one of her senseless workshops again.
  • Nicola, who’s been a bit restless and trickier to get to bed at night lately did a week of almost exactly 20:00 bedtimes which was beyond fabulous.
  • I finally braved ordering something on Etsy (I always freak out a bit when I see something advertised in dollars) and it arrived today (more washi tape, let the card making begin!).
  • We have another performance of the school concert happening this weekend.
  • We also have a mini photo shoot on Sunday, if the weather permits. Possibly even if the weather doesn’t permit but with umbrellas?
  • I’ve started Christmas and birthday shopping in all earnest – but I have nowhere to stash things until the big days. I will have to look into moving my shoes out of the filing cabinet and using that for a bit perhaps?

Now for some cute:

  1. Sleeping princess
  2. Drinking tea in bed
  3. One of the many pink dresses that the pink terrorist favours at the moment


Hope you all have a super weekend ahead! 🙂



  1. L:OVE that pink dress and whoa with all the secret place happenings!

    I want to hear more about the photo shoot – who and where and YES to the umbrellas!!!

  2. Ooooh…I wish our snake in the grass would take a hint and resign already! We are doing a mini-shoot the first week in November sometime. Hopefully I will REALLY get it together this time? I only need one proper shot for Christmas cards.

  3. How cute, love the pink dress and she knows she looks lovely in the dress. Nice pose to go as well.

  4. YEA for washi tape! Those sleeping cheeks are the yummiest! And that dress is adorable! (Although I’m laughing at the pink terrorist!) HA!

  5. Oh that dress is cute. I have totally not organized photos this year. Gosh, thats terrible

  6. Marcia, ooh – there are even more secret place happenings happening as we speak. I’ll say more when I can. 😉 The photo shoor was with Tanya Holmes (she has a site that’s busy getting set up so I’ll link when I get the photos). It ended up not raining, but we took the umbrella with just in case.

    Julia, my advice about reptiles in the undergrowth is make a top three wish list of those you’d like to see the back of. You don’t even have to tell anyone…it just works! I’ve just updated my wish list and the top contentender looks like he might be resigning before the end of the week. It’s like magic. 😉

    MrsFF, 😆 she really does look adorable in it. She loves them all, as long as she can spin around and see them flair she’s happy as the day is long.

    Mandy, I love taking photos of her when she sleeps…they’re so peaceful in deep slumber aren’t they. 😀 Yip, pink terrorist is just one of the nick names I gave Nicola, but it certainly suits her.

    Cat, thanks – my mom bought it for her. Spring and summer seem to be photographer peak season doesn’t it. Hope you find someone that you like to do that still.

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