Happy anniversary to my parents!

23 October , 2012

36 years today – now there’s something you don’t really see anymore these days. πŸ˜‰

Veels geluk julle tweetjies! Ek hoop dat julle ‘n baie spesiale dag sal he^ en ten minste nog ‘n honderd jaar vorentoe. πŸ™‚ xxx

Here are some more of the photos that were taken at the party a few weeks ago:

  1. The pink terrorist! Mwahaha! πŸ˜†
  2. Party table with all the little people
  3. C & K, having a snack


And then just a few quick notes about this past weekend:

  • It was awesome, even though it was very busy and I was so exhausted afterwards.
  • Nicola tried to dress Tigger’s tail in pantyhose (mentioned on fb).
  • Tigger was not impressed.
  • Nicola was the cutest bunny in the school play.
  • But she refused to wear the bunny ears for certain parts of the show (which made it much easier to spot her on stage).
  • Taking Nicola to the Sput to celebrate really means we all eat in shifts (except her cause she’s running round like a loon and climbing on everything).
  • She has this new thing where she likes slamming a doll house door shut and telling anyone on the outside to just stay there and think about it (not sure what they’re meant to think about or where she would have picked this up…I must investigate this further – along with some of the words she’s been coming home with lately).
  • I actually don’t think we should bother ordering food for her when we go there – that little huricane runs mostly on Creme Soda.
  • Sunday we had a surprise party for my uncle’s 60th on a guest farm in Pretoria. It was fantastic!
  • After my mom spent half the night making and decorating the cake, Nicola managed to start redecorating it before I saw her doing it and we had to patch it up a bit (she stuck the truffels that were on the side firmly on top of the name that was written in caramel on top!).
  • Nicola ran around under the “rain” (drip of the roof sprinklers to keep the venue cool) laughing hysterically.
  • I suspect this made me very popular with some of the other parents because all the kids joined in after a while.
  • Nicola and our little cousin Justin chased a pair of ducks through a cactii field.
  • He turned back halfway through and she miraculously missed getting any throns in her feet.
  • The ducks cottoned on that the electric fencing was an established no-go zone and hid there, gratefully.
  • Nicola was stained purple from ear to ear after I introduced her to the joys of a mulberry bush.
  • In between all the running around, I managed to quite successfully have at least three proper conversations with grown-ups and eat a hot plate of food – definite progress! πŸ™‚
  • We were beyond tired when we got home – it will definitely go down in history as one of the easiest bed-times ever.

How was your weekend?



  1. Such an exciting weekend you all had. Filled with many memories as well.

  2. Great memories! Gosh yes, the mulberries. And they stain everything including little feet

  3. Ooh happy anniversary to your folks! Thats wonderful!

  4. blackhuff, it really was a lovely one πŸ™‚

    Cat, I remember eating mulberries till I almost looked like one as a child…but we ate them naked. πŸ˜† It eventually comes off from the skin, but never from clothes!

    Angel, πŸ˜€ I’ll tell them you said so.

  5. Happy anniversary to your mum and dad. Wish them many more years of love and happiness.

    You had a pretty full weekend. I laughed so hard at the doll house story. But it got me thinking where that came from. I agree you have to investigate

  6. Mrs FF, thank you. Yes, i am a bit concerned about that because I would never say something like that to her or make her stand outside. So far i haven’t been able to track down the culprit though…could be that she saw it on TV or something too?

  7. Sounds like such a happy weekend. And congrats to your folks. That is SUCH a milestone.

  8. Julia, thanks! πŸ™‚

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