Buffelspoort photos part 8

17 October , 2012

The last photo post on this weekend…


  1. The monkeys came to raid the camp ground once it started getting more quiet towards the end of the long weekend. They had this brilliant ploy to distract us from their actual goal (our braai) by sending a few scouts round the other side of the tent, but we were on to them. 😉
  2. My dad and brother manning the fire.
  3. Back home watering our plants.


  1. Great photos and I love the last one where she’s watering the plants at home 🙂

  2. Well, you have patience – 8 parts of holiday pics 🙂 I need to hire you to post our 2008 UK holiday (I think I did the first 4 days of it and have 17 days to go :))

    I just love those blue boots so much!!!!

  3. The monkeys’ ploy sounds like my girls! HA! I swear they work as a team sometimes…not always to the good of the household! 😉

  4. blackhuff, I think she looks super adorable when she does that too. 🙂

    Marcia, hahaha – I could do that, but let me tell you my secret first. I download everything off the phone once a month. I go through them quickly and pick the ones I want to post. Then I use the windows writer to upload them three at a time to drafts on WordPress blank with no text. For headings I just use d1, d2, d3 and so on. Then when I’ve written what I want to write for the day I just copy and paste it in and post it. The drafts last me for the whole month until I download again, so it works out perfectly.

    Those boots are fabulous – next pair will probably be pink if I had to take a guess. She slips them on to garden because the gravel hurts her feet. When she wants to wear them out I make her wear socks with them so her feet don’t end up smelling.

    MandyE, I can imagine that they make quite a formidable team! 🙂

  5. Oh I adore gum boots. And the clever little monkeys

  6. Cta, they are super sneaky!

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