Buffelspoort photos part 7 (plus a ramble)

16 October , 2012

This is the second last photo post from that weekend. Gosh, it’s been a while hey? I could really do with another long weekend already.

  1. They have a little wagon hooked to a tractor that can cart you up and down to the pool if you get to lazy to walk
  2. We of course HAD to try it out for ourselves too.
  3. Just a pic to show you what it looked like round the pool.


Now for the ramble:

It’s been all kinds of crazy round here…seriously I am exhausted. Nicola came down with some coughing on Sunday, and sleep is in high demand around these parts at the moment.

But first…some fun and funny stuff:

  • On Saturday I taught Nicola how to say instant gratification. Now every time I ask her to wait a few minutes, or a day, or how long ever for something she wants and she starts performing I just instant, and she completes the sentence with gratification. 😆 It’s very funny (to me anyway). She’ll probably be very annoyed with me when she figures out what it means one day.
  • Over the weekend, after just barely walking into my parents’ house Nicola woefully informs my mom that we don’t have any custard at home. My mom immediately opens up a box of custard for Nicola…who then refuses to eat it (which is why I tell her that we don’t have any – not my first dance either). She said that I should eat it! Well, I was feeling a bit peckish so I started doing just that. About halfway through the bowl Nicola says, “Mamma! Hoekom eet jy my vla?!” and takes it back from me to polish it off herself (plus another bowl all by herself after that, in case you were concerned about me nabbing my daughter’s treat). 😉
  • Nicola talks to Mickey Mouse. This morning she told him that M-boy at her school hit her, and then she told me that Mickey will put a plaster on for her. I’m not sure about this development, but we’ll see where it goes.

Then the not so fun bits:

  • On Saturday we had to cut short a shopping trip because someone was behaving like a complete hysterical brat at any mention of the word NO. I am not rewarding bad behaviour, so as long as she can’t behave herself in shops, she doesn’t get to go – or get random no occasion presents from there either.
  • With the last week’s rains, spider season is now well and truly upon us. I don’t want to lie but I think in the last week alone we’ve had to slay 10 spiders in and around the cottage and only two of them were daddy-long-legs (which I’ve actually decided can stay since they eat other bigger meaner looking spiders, as long as they stay to the back of corners where they don’t freak me out unexpectedly!). I like to think the others are all rain spiders but they don’t all look the same so it’s highly unlikely. At least so far this year we’ve not seen the return of the little mongrels that drop down from the ceiling at eye level on a string of web, and also not the tiny jumping spiders either (yet?).
  • I asked my dad if we had this much spiders and rain spiders when I was little cause I don’t remember them at all (what I was trying to establish was if I could blame this on global warming and general climate change). My dad said we still don’t, it’s just at our cottage. He reckons that there might be something there that attracts them. I don’t want to sound too paranoid, but I think that something might be me… 😦
  • Someone drove into me yesterday on my way to work. This woman was a giant ball of angry. It was a bit of a non-event if you ask me, because we were all going so slow and if I had to guess her foot probably just slipped off the brake and she rolled into me. No damage to either of the cars to speak of, except maybe her cracked number plate. When it happened I got out with some paper and a pen for details (I hadn’t seen the “damage” yet), she said I should move my car forward so that we could see (at this stage she was parked practically in my boot).
  • While I was moving a bit forward I heard her have a little fit outside. She said, “Oh get over yourself really! Shit happens.” I was a bit surprised, first I thought she couldn’t be talking to me since I had not even said a single word yet or had any reaction whatsoever other than moving my car (which is actually very unlike me, because my fight or flight is firmly set on fight) – but no, she was unbelievably having a go at me for something she did. Mwahahaha! I couldn’t believe it! I got out again and said, “You know, the appropriate response when you drive into someone is I’m sorry, not shit happens.” I don’t think she meant for me to hear that, so she apologised. She gave me all her details to claim and so on, and we were on our ways again quick-quick.
  • My car had a previous dent inflicted by a taxi (which she probably wasn’t aware of since she wasn’t looking in front of her?), yonks ago I decided to keep the dent there to inspire a following distance (obviously not working that well). She probably thinks she did that, but I’ll let her off the hook sometime this week…rude bitch. Her surname is Italian, and not a nice one either (Pisanello). Maybe if I had to walk around with a name like that I would also have a giant chip on my shoulder which would make it hard to see and drive properly in my massive golden Hyundai? Whatever… 😉  
  • We had a secret place departmental road show of sorts yesterday. It was such a laugh! Firsly, Snake-in-the-grass likes to open his presentations with some random quote – as he did again yesterday – but the way he introduced it was, “First, we must have some clichés.” Indeed. We had exactly that.
  • Then rumour had it these slides may not have been prepared well in advance. One secret manager left suddenly last week, and another had to present hers (I think he had a few minutes worth of notice). First slide he said, “Well I’ve never seen this picture before in my life – but it looks like it could be more or less right.” You get the general tone of the event. 😆 Shambles!
  •  The secret place main secret keeper had a bit too. Great opening that really caught everyone’s attention (he handed out chocolate), then he followed it up with vast amounts of things no one was overly interested in…he went on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on. Eventually Snake-In-The-Grass asked him if he could pick a few items and wrap up a bit quicker because he still had things to say and we were running out of time. Secret-Keeper said, “No.” and carried on unhindered. It was quite possibly one of the funniest meetings I’ve ever attended here. I loved every second of it!
  • Yesterday, on an unrelated note, my entire day got sucked up by the conquering of two very hard to conquer spreadsheets. I was able to present my findings this morning to Steamcleaner…she is livid (not with me). If I had given them to her in hard copy she may have taken to inflicting paper cuts on the deserving! I have a sneaky suspicion those spreadsheets are going to become a recurring thing for me from now on. I don’t mind, it is fun when it works out the way it should. 😉 I made a lot of people very “happy” yesterday when I started querying their reports.  One is glaring at me as we speak (like I care). Mwahahaha!

That’s my week so far. What have you been up to?



  1. Ai, work is just super busy and end of theyear madness has started.

    I do think you may have more than your fair share of spiders.

    And sorryabout th ebumper bashing – people are just truly weird.

  2. SO much going on at your side – wow!
    Sorry to hear that someone drove into you yesterday. You have the world’s patience and so cool and collected. I remember my car accident. I was in such shock that I could not speak, did not know what to do. Luckily husband was with me in the car and knew exactly what to do.
    LOL about the custard.

  3. Cat, I think I may have about 5 households’ fair share of spiders – and then on top of that I am really scared of them (think phobia levels!).

    blackhuff, thanks – I thought I handled it all quite well actually. Usually I come out swinging when something like that happens. 😉

  4. What a meeting! You really do work with a strange bunch of people…

  5. Angel, hehehe…yip. Although some days I wonder if I am not perhaps the strangest of them all?

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