Buffelspoort photos part 6

12 October , 2012


  1. Sitting on Ouma’s lap having ice cream…bliss
  2. My dad, chilling in the shade of a big tree – the stuff holidays are made of 😉
  3. This duiker is quite an accomplished pick pocket! He casually strolled over between all the towels and holiday makers and helped himself to a roll of sweets from someone’s bag. His timing was also spectacular. Just a minute before I was trying to convince Nicola to go back to the tent for a nap, and after a straight up request didn’t inspire her I said, “Let’s go for a walk and see if we can spot some bokkies.” to which she happily agreed. Only to start packing up and see this one strolling by! At least we got to touch it. 😉


  1. Little princess in heaven (pure bliss). Having yummy ice-cream in the arms of your grandmom what else can a child ask for 🙂 She looks contented

    That’s a lovely picture of your dad, he looks so relaxed

  2. Wow, just look at the little duiker. That is so cute.

  3. MrsFF, she’s a very lucky young lady yip. 😀 I also like that photo of my dad.

    Cat, he was cute! (and naughty). My dad said they really should trim him hooves a bit because he doesn’t run enough to keep them short himself. Look at the pic, you’ll see what I mean. 😐

  4. LOL! So did she take a nap after that?!

  5. Eveeeeentually yes, we went on a walk to look for this one’s “mother”

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