Buffelspoort photos part 4 (and a ramble)

10 October , 2012
  1. Nicola on the porch, one of the rare moments we actually got her to sit still for a few minutes. 😉
  2. My dad and brother, just relaxing.
  3. My mom and Nicola.


Now for the ramble:

Yesterday was exciting…in a not so fun way.

I ate a dodgy chicken salad at the work cafeteria and by the time I got home I was feeling quite unwell. I noticed that the municipality had switched the water off for some planned maintenance. According to newsletter that a colleague of mine received at his son’s school I knew it was meant to be back on again by 17:00, but it was still off by the time we went to bed at 21:00.

No water for cooking and not really feeling up to staring at food that long anyway I took Nicola and visited our old faithful…KFC. She ate like a champ and I poked my coleslaw around a bit with a fork. Roughly 10 minutes after dinner my stomach finally decided that enough was enough.

Imagine now for a minute how much fun it is to be on hands and knees next to the loo, throwing up – while knowing there is no bloody water to flush it all away. “Good times”. Stupid cafeteria. Nicola, ever the opportunist decided to make the most of the situation and jumped on my back to ride me (apparently like a pink dragon). She viciously kicked me in the kidneys while I was down, and I think I may have felt like passing out if I wasn’t crying like a baby right about then.

I rinsed my mouth with Fanta Orange…and mouthwash…and tried my level best to curl up and play dead. The pink terrorist was having none of that though, and found a million and one things for me to do before she would be willing to lie down and sleep. When we have the odd day like that I always like to remember how cool it was the first time she managed to say, “mamma” and I try not to focus on how tiring it can be when she says it a thousand times in a row while I’m feeling like death warmed over. “Mamma, mamma, mamma, mamma, mamma.” “Jy hoef dit nie oor en oor te se^ nie Nicola, I heard you the first time.” “Mamma, ek wil Creme soda he^””wat’s die towerwoord?” “asseblief?” “okay”…2 minutes later…” Mamma, mamma, mamma, mamma, mamma mamma, mamma, mamma, mamma, mamma.” “Ja Nicola?” “Ek wil piepie” “okay, vinnig – kom ons gaan!” …5 minutes later…” Mamma, mamma, mamma, mamma, mamma mamma, mamma, mamma, mamma, mamma.” “Ja Nicola?” “Ek wil nie nou slap nie, kom ons kleur in!” “Mamma voel nie lekker nie, kleur jy in dan slaap ek.” “Watse kleur wil jy he^ mamma?” *sigh* “Blou asseblief.”…and so on and so forth, non-stop for about 3 hours. At least I get a “well done!” when I colour in nicely and a “Thanks Mom!” for any other thing I fetch on request.  😉

I am feeling on top of the world again today though. So no biggie…plus the water was back on again when I woke up so there was coffee, and laundry, and dishes, and flushing, and tooth-brushing, and watering of the garden – you know, business as usual.

Oh yes, and you may find this either entertaining (or disturbing): As you probably know, Nicola isn’t in a baby car seat anymore, and she also refuses to sit in a booster chair, so I bought this sleeve thingy for her that allows her to sit on a normal seat with a normal safety belt while the sleeve makes sure that the belt isn’t over her throat and so on.

A while ago, one day, she realised that if she really put some effort in she could get one leg out of the contraption. The way she chose to show me was by kicking the gear lever while I was driving. Naturally I lost my pip about it! (spoiler : you will learn more about in a paragraph or two) A week or so later she tried it again. I pulled over, gave her a hiding and strapped her back in. Biiiiig crocodile tears followed, and I thought that we had put this more or less behind us now.

Well, yesterday when we came back from buying food, I stopped at home, switched the car off and got out to open the gate. I usually unhook her safety belt once we’re safely inside only because I don’t want her accidentally ondoing the hand brake or getting out and running in front of a car. When I got back to the car, there she was, looking ever so smug and proud of herself – with one leg out of the belt. She said, “Kyk mamma! Ek het my een been uit-ge-fokkit!” with a big grin on her face. The wind was completely out of my sails…mwahaha! Also I had to keep a straight face and fix this as quickly and subtly as I could. So I said, “Wow! Dankie tog die kar was nie besig om te beweeg nie. Maar jy bedoel uitgewikkel Nicola – die woord is wikkel. Nou wikkel jou been terug in sodat ons die kar kan gaan be^re.” “Okay mamma.”

Yip…all my fault that one. I really do try to keep a lid on my potty mouth when I’m around her, but all it takes is one slip. They’re so sharp these little sponges!

Another more pleasant milestone we reached yesterday was receiving Nicola’s very first party invite from a school friend. In the back of my head I’ve been playing with the idea of inviting her school buddies to her birthday party too this year, and this has definitely clinched it for me. We’ve accepted, and I now actually know at least one of the other mothers’ names too. Straight after I accepted, I phoned the school to find out exactly who she plays with at school to amend my potential guest list for December. Apparently Nicola has four friends, all girls – in fact the teacher called it a little clique (one of them is the one that we got the invite from). Imagine that. 😉

This marks the beginning of big change to come. Soon her parties will probably consist of only her own friends, instead of all of mine with similarly aged children. My little girl is growing up!

The other thing that I saw at school is that Nicola has lost her fear of the lines. Wow! Her colouring has really improved. They drill in so much to colour in the lines that the poor child was giving any line about a 2 to 3cm wide berth for the last couple of months. All of a sudden she’s doing it perfectly! I would like to think that our canvas painting helped out with that a bit, but it could also just be a phase they go through. I’m thrilled either way – I don’t want her to be terrified of lines.

Aaaaaand…that concludes our ramble for today. 😉



  1. Sorry about the bad chicken. And wow, really growing up. We only really changed to “her” friends only by about grade 1. Before that we sort of do a combo – some school friends, some our friends

  2. Oh crap…posted a comment..just got lost. Basically, just to say, laughed the whole way through this blog…from the riding on the back to the fockit….

  3. yes, disturbing!!! but more so the no water story. I don’t know how you didn’t phone and ask your parents to come take the little one so you could vomit in peace! And with no water? you’re amazing but SO glad you’re better now!

  4. cat, I think we’ll also be doing a combo for a bit – but this is the first time school friends even featured. 😉

    Melinda, thanks! 😀 In retrospect it was kind of funny – at the time, not so much.

    Marcia, well it wouldn’t have been such a train smash if the stupid water came on at 17:00 again like they promised. And by the time I started to suspect it was going to be longer I really didn’t feel up to packing a bag for us, so I just muscled through it. If there still wasn’t any water for my coffee the next morning I think I may have lost my composure completely at that stage.

  5. Oi tummy bugs are the worst thing ever!!!! Add no water – I may have admitted myself to the local ER :-p

    LOL Nicola really is too cute.

  6. Laura-kim, yeah – I was glad when that was over too. 😉 Thank you!

  7. Waaaahaaaaaaaaa! “uit-ge-fokkit”! I love it!

  8. Angel, 😆 I am glad to say we haven’t heard that one round these parts again (yet).

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