Buffelspoort photos part 3

9 October , 2012

These aren’t in sequence because I can only see the last 5 drafts in my dashboard from the secret place, if I try to open older ones I get blocked. Make sense? No…not to me either.


  1. A great action shot of Nicola in action on the jumpy-jump as she calls it. I am actually considering getting her one for her birthday, or maybe birthday and Christmas and keep it at my folks’ house where there is a bit of space. I may never get to spend time indoors again! 😉
  2. Deep in thought after a nice relaxing swim in the heated pool.
  3. We walked a lot over the course of that weekend. My poor calves! I wasn’t even aware of exactly how unfit I’ve become before that. It was lovely though. When on vacation, my favourite way to travel. You just get to see so much more than when you’re driving where you need to go. Of course I got so horrendously sick that by the end of the weekend I couldn’t swim anymore and definitely no walking, but it was fun while it lasted.


  1. Looks great. Sorry you got sick thoug

    • Seems to be my year for that… 😦

  2. Ooh a jumpy jump sounds like an awesome idea!

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