Buffelspoort photos part 2

4 October , 2012

I’m not really here, this post was scheduled…I’ll catch up with comments and commenting later tonight if I can… 😉


The first photo is Nicola splshing around on the stoep after the massive storm we had. The wind and lightning was spectacular, but Nicola luckily missed it since it happened at 4 in the morning. R & K actually had a much more eventful storm than we did over in their tent. Not my story to tell – so I’ll leave it there, but it was hilarious! 😆

The second photo is of the zebras, K & R.

And the last one is of me and Nicola, that K took for us. You can’t tell by looking at this photo but Nicola was actually having a bit of a hissy fit, and I was pinning her down – sort of – something to do with not wanting to wear something warm till it heats up if I remember correctly. Most squables are about clothes (particularly not wanting to wear any), so it was probably that.

More installments coming, watch this space and so on…



  1. I wouldn’t have know that Nicola was having a fit in that picture. Wow, you’re good at pinning her down 😉

  2. Lovely photos!! We were out that way last weekend – it is pretty there!

  3. Oh cute pics! With L we use deep pressure holding when he has tanrtums – I wish I knew earlier as it helps all kids and it looks like you instinctively do it

  4. blackhuff, thanks! 😉

    Laura-kim, it really is stunning out that way.

    cat, I picked it up from a friend who uses it with her son with great success. 🙂 He’s actually at the stage where he will come and ask for it before even going into tantrum mode at all sometimes.

  5. Lovely pics. Sounds like an interesting weekend…

  6. It was a lot of fun – we need to start planning the next one I think. 😉

  7. So you didn’t sleep in a tent? I don’t do tents….

  8. We did…sort of. The floor is concrete and there’s a built in bathroom, but the walls and roof is all tent. But no, it’s not a classical camping tent sort of set up.

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