Dirty or Messy

29 September , 2012

This is the last of the photo challenge posts, and the theme for this week is dirty or messy.

Now let me start off by confessing that at this very moment I could easily take a snap of most of our house to fit the theme, but that would just be depressing.

So I’ll stick to the two fun ones I’ve already picked and leave my confessions of un-domestic-goddessness for another day.


Nicola the zebra…thankfully only dry wipe marker (this time). It came off without a hitch.


It was raining yesterday morning and Nicola wanted to lick the drops off the car…she started on the inside. 😉



  1. And she looks so zen in the first picture. Now a new name for the princess : the fairy zebra

    Hope you are back to perfect health?

  2. MrsFF, I was leaning towards prima donna myself – but that could work. 😉

    I am not yet in perfect health no, but I am feeling much better thanks!

  3. I love that tongue picture! Classic!

  4. I’ve had the best success getting permanent marker off of skin using ivory bar soap, baby wipes, and dish soap (not all 3 at the same time) and a bit of elbow grease.

    Love your zebra!

  5. Mandy, 😆 I’m sure she would have given the whole car a good licking if I had let her! I just had to take that photo, it was too good to miss.

    Momma Eagle, this one was luckily just a dry wipe marker so it came off without too much fuss, but I found that a microfibre cloth works wonders on permanent marker and all sorts of other hard to get off things.

  6. Teehee… Way to build up your immune system Nicola!

  7. Angel, mwahaha – yip!

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