Letters and words

22 September , 2012

As you know I’m participating in Marcia’s photo challenge. This week is about letters and words. Nor all of these are my own pics…but I like all of them enough to put them in my 5.


This one is off Pinterest. It’s a bit tricky to do the proper link on my phone so go look at my boards if you want to.


Captain obvious! 😆
This one I pinched from facebook cause it made me chuckle.


Ha! You didn’t think I was going to go there right? 😉


They make ash trays look like posters now and stick them at about eye level behind giant pillars (hehehe, touch screen and two glasses of wine almost had me telling you about ass trays looking like pisters!). I am such a cheap date since Nicola inherited my liver. Mwahaha! (yes, I am laughing at my own jokes too).


And this is where we are this weekend. Fa-bu-lous! It’s 21:00 the night before you get to read this by the way. Waterwurms! Hehehe…I am born and bred Afrikaans but I have NEVER heard that term used before. Apparently a water worm is a super-tube, in case you were wondering. 😉



  1. I’ve never heard of waterwurm either!!!

    Thanks for posting – I linked you up!

    • Marcia, I had quite a chuckle about that word. 😉

  2. These are cool! I have also never heard of a waterwurm.

    • Julia, thanks! 😀 It fits, but I haven’t heard it before either.

  3. I’m not a smoker anymore, so I did not know about these new type of ashtrays. Very interesting to see. Weird, but interesting.
    Like all the photos you have taken.

    • blackhuff, thank you!

  4. Oh my goodness a super tube is a water wurm!?! I would never have worked that out!

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