Monday again

17 September , 2012

I took some really great photos of Nicola yesterday, but I am getting so confused with what I’ve posted already (out of sequence) and what not that I’m going to make you wait for it this time. 😉


So these are not of this past weekend…as you can tell by the sunshine – since we had none of that.

On Friday I took a mental health day. It was fantastic! I got up, got Nicola to school, headed back home to put a dent in the laundry. After two or so loads the municipality and fate decided that this was not the way to spend an off day and the water went off. I collected my post (first time since May!), collected my package (bliss, cause there was only one person in the queue before me), and spent a good hour or so gazing at random things without buying them at the Hyperama (refreshing change from having to fly in and out with a list and a cranky helper). Then I went back home and watched nothing animated for a few hours. I planted some new cherry tomatoes (the package I picked up was the seed I ordered). Made coffee with the water I had in the fridge, set my alarm for 16:00 and had a glorious nap. Really a super relaxed day of almost complete peace and quiet. Not even once did anyone shout abuse at me or throw my things around or at me. Just what I needed to regroup and reset.

The rest of the weekend wasn’t bad either, mind you. The weather was mostly overcast or raining/hailing so we spent a lot of time indoors. On Saturday my aunt and cousin came through from Pretoria for pancakes and coffee and it was nice to catch up with them again for a change. Nicola was feeling very possessive of my mom and wouldn’t let her talk to anyone. I usually get that treatment, even when I want to have a conversation with someone on the phone.

The one incident we did have happened a bit later when miss cranky pants was having a fit about something and chucked a bowl at my head. It hurt like hell! She got a few smart smacks on her bottom to start off and then repeated time-outs until she was willing to A) pick up the bowl and take it to the sink and B) apologise to my mom for throwing her stuff around.

I do not admire the circumstances, but I have to say I admire her spirit. She refused on all counts…repeatedly. In fact when I ask, “are you ready to pick up the bowl and apologise to Ouma?” I get the defiant response of “Never.” Eventually I made her pick up the bowl and take it to the back and we settled on giving Ouma a sorry-hug. It obviously wasn’t working, this time out business so we would probably still have been there if I didn’t change tactics. At some point she said to me, “Jy is nie my maatjie nie!” (you are not my friend), and I said yes, you’re right, I’m not. I am your mother. I love you, and it’s my job to teach you manners, and I will be doing that. I think after about the 10th time out in a row she started believing me for sure.

Anyhoo, even though it did very little for the Saturday situation it really made a big difference in her demeanor for Sunday, so not a complete loss then? We had not one single tantrum all day, no screaming, no throwing things and performing like a brat at all. What a pleasure! This is more the child I’m used to having – wow! I’ve really missed her.

This week’s schedule is a bit closer to normal so I hope that the chaos will settle down before we head out for our long weekend away with my family. I have a good feeling about this week, so keep your fingers crossed! 😉 You could probably tell that on top of having no available time last week I really didn’t feel like talking, but I’m all good again so expect more regular commenting and blogging at once!

Hope you all have a kick-ass week (and that you’re the one doing the kicking)…



  1. Guess I spoke to soon 😉

  2. ‘Adorable’ strong willed girl, I am sure she got that trait from her mummy dearest

  3. That mental health day sounds wonderful and I think me and hubby should do that too in October 🙂 Glad that you got a reset day like this and that it was all that you needed.

  4. Now that right there is the one thing I’m looking forward to when my babies go to school next year – the house to myself 🙂

    Louisa, I thought of you so often this weekend – I don’t know how you do it single-handedly!!!! I quite like walking away and saying to D, “your turn” 🙂

    The mental health day indeed sounds glorious – I left work at 3:30 on Friday (UNHEARD OF!!!) but I went to Eastgate to sort out my iphone and get a cover (which is beautiful so it was worth it). Arrived home at 5:25 (I’m supposed to be there at 5:30) but at least an errand was done.

  5. I remember one day Kiara throwing a bowl of food across the dinning room!! YOH I was mad!!!! She was also very defiant at that age and still is BUT knows how to far to push now!!!

    I miss the quiet house – Jack is here all day so even when I get home early or leave for work day there is no peace!

  6. SJoe. You are a ROCK STAR Mama. Seriously. I have MUCH respect for single Mama’s and you just pull it off sooooo well. I think I need to take a Mental Health day soon! Yours sounds glorious.

  7. MrsFF, of course! 😉 and I want her to grow up strong willed, but chucking crockery at my head is not the way to go. I actually have a long standing rule that she’s aware of – any throwing of things or herself is frowned upon. If she throws her own things I actually pick them up and put them in the trash.

    blackhuff, it was bliss – just what I needed. I highly recommend it if you can.

    Marcia, thanks! Hahaha, in general it’s not a great hardship really – it’s just when something out of the ordinary is going on, also when either one of us is sick it’s not a walk in the park but other than that it’s pretty cool. You have two though, which I can tell is a lot more work. I am a firm believer that your children should never outnumber you – or as one lady at work puts it, you should never have more children than car windows to sit at!

    Laura-kim, a bowl with food in it?! I’d be mad as hell too. I think kids need boundaries to feel safe, so at times they will PUSH until they find one, and then return from the dark side as if nothing happened while we the parents are still reeling from the experience. As for your Jack in the house, I think you’ll have to take your quiet time somewhere else in the meantime when you need it. 😉

    Julia, thank you very much. It doesn’t feel like it every day, so it’s really great to hear it. Take a mental health day, I definitely feel a hundred times better after having one.

  8. Oh wow, strong willed little one that! But standing your ground is just the right thing to do on your side.

    I think I can do with a daymlike that

  9. Cat, she is a super strong willed princess! I like it actually, except when she’s chucking things at me – but at least that’s not the normal state of affairs. 😉

  10. I shoulda made a plan for more days like your Friday for myself when my knucklehead was growing up…

  11. Sometimes you just HAVE to take some me-time. It makes the not-me-time more pleasant for everybody else involved too.

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