15 September , 2012

Here’s the next post in the photo challenge. Toughest one yet if you ask me!


The sound of running water.


Nicola playing drums.


Storm in Johannesburg.


Playing with the new microphone Ouma bought for her.


The wailing that goes along with a throw yourself on the ground in protest tantrum!



  1. Yes I agree this week’s challenge was the toughest which also made it quite interesting. Though once I got into it I had quite a lot of pictures to choose from 😉

    Diva Nicola in action, thanks to ouma she gets to use a pink microphone not a hairbrush to practice 🙂

  2. It has been the toughest so far 🙂 that’s why we first hooked you with two easier ones!!!

    You did great though – I love the storm and the water. I also have a screaming kids one…. there are plenty of those around here 😉

  3. Oh that tantrum….

  4. It wasn’t all that hard now, LOL! It just made you think a little! HA!
    I think we all have screaming kid pictures! I love them all!
    Thanks for playing. 🙂

  5. MrsFF, hahaha! Yip – she specifically asked for one though. 😉 (and she asked for a PINK one of course)

    Marcia, seems like the screaming kids really shined through in this last week’s challenge! 😆

    Cat, *nods* yip. She’s quite good at it.

    Mandy, you’re welcome. Thanks for cooking up the idea with Marcia, it’s been fun so far for sure. 🙂

  6. Hey L, in Nicola’s defense, I am going to take it that the last picture was grandpa helping the little lady up after she tripped and fell (and not a tantrum as mummy claims)

    😉 🙂

  7. MrsFF, hahaha! Go read today’s post before you jump in. 😉 But I’m sure she’s appreciate you in her corner anyway.

  8. Looks like an interesting photo challenge indeed 😀

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